BBC Documentary – Hyper Evolution : Rise Of The Robots (Part 1)

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Believe or Not , Accept or Not , Ignore or Understand, what ever you wanna do its your choice but its gonna happen. Robotic Revolution is coming so stay ready.


Fanny Tanny says:

Robots will create time machine and light speed

No Excuses says:

You know she's a freak in the bed!

Ronald Sanchez says:

Oh please, please, please^10, these are not evolving; for Gods sake say it like it is! You are building them…

gooni goo goo says:

ok these robot women will be the ultimate sex dolls…men get your wallets and credit cards out

IETCHX69 says:

Didja ever see a greasier greaseball ? The poster ! OHMYLARD !

Headtrix 1652 says:

We all going to die either way don't fear the coming new age it could be a fun suicide roller-coaster ride why worry about the ethics screw the ethics.

Grim UK says:

We have evolved over hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years …

These lies are so common place now they say it as if it were a matter of fact. Evolution is a complete fabrication. They cant explain any of the 1st 5 REQUIRED states of evolution (cosmic through to micro), but they happily jump immediately to the 6th (the macro world) and we're all supposed to believe this horse shite?

EDIT : Science is a RELIGION.

aryosto santos santos says:

power tecnology espacy

George Jaymes says:

Totally disgusting mind.

David Hansen says:

#humansneednotapply, explains much better of our replacement

Dust storm C0Ming says:

so I have only a few years to play my favourite video game  before total annihilation.

Zero Cool says:

Android robotics is still incredibly disappointing.

Steve Lamperta says:

You know its already been proven we DID NOT evolve from apes and the earth is NOT millions of years old…. And each year archaeologists continue to find indisputable proof of this. Archaeologists also have found indisputable proof each year that proves the testimonies in our Bible. Like all of the testimonies ! So why continue to keep telling the people history we now know to be false ? It seems to me there are groups of people who don't want the rest of the people to know the truth… That's a terrible crime in itself ! The american people are getting so tired of being lied to !!! But you really can't blame em can ya …….

David Hunter says:

If we removed all of those robot car assemblers, how many humans would they have to employ to do the same work? That's how many people have lost jobs due to robots at that factory alone. They only feed the ones they need.

David Hansen says:

near 30 minutes and no mention of Issac Asimov, the gentleman that created the 3 rules of robotics actually coining the work robotics.

Lee says:

all the people interviewed were male ( are female robotic engineers really THAT hard to find)
Talk about uterus envy! lol
Pure publicity piece… trying to ease the transition of android's in home and workplace

Kri Ku says:

Get ready for jobless

Living Colours says:

I'll be back. 🤖

Retrograde Beats says:

The extinction of humans and the rise of ai is inevitable. It really is the next step in evolution. No species last forever.

Jim Hughes says:

Isn't it curious that the word “we” is so often used by a small handful of people to describe what they themselves believe, while they go on to make sweeping unilateral choices that impact the rest of us? They use this word “we” as though they are speaking for the rest of humanity, by default. How is it that this small handful of people are able to unilaterally control and direct the lives of everyone else on the planet, regardless what the majority of people on this planet want? And how is it that it is said, for example, that “Japan” is doing this or that, as though every person in Japan is onboard with this development of robots, which is clearly not the case? // The Westinghouse ‘Electro’ robot is a perfect example of how robots will be no better people than humans. He smokes cigarettes; go figure. Like his human maker, he doesn't know what's good for him—and what isn't. And there you have it. Robots and AI will mimic humans, because humans are where they get the data that they learn from. Unfortunately, the only thing that robots and AI will be able to gather data from is that which is external, while what is most important about human beings is internal. // What will actually happen is that over time successive generations of human beings will adapt to robots and AI, rather than the other way around, to the point where what was once understood to be uniquely human will no longer be understood at all, and eventually it won't exist.

Geoffrey Allen says:

You don't have to watch very far into this video to realise that the creators and enthusiasts of these robots have got something seriously wrong with them. It's frightening whatever anyone says and perhaps the worst is the possibility that a robot could engage your emotions whether you like it or not. They will bring exploitation and coercion because the will behind them is all too human, that's why these creeps get the investment to do this work and the misuses such as extreme data mining or draconian law/slavery enforcement don't bear thinking about. Log on to one of these things? It's a spy, obviously. Personally, I wouldn't have an Alexa in the house. Of course all the journalists bang on about theirs to make them trendy but….that's real shit. Nobody needs those, its sole purpose is to spy.

Could be that we are a very successful species but that's no guarantee that we don't and won't make mistakes. I'm quite sure that we know more than we are supposed to and we are all asked/made to learn for more than we need to for our age of technology. I think it's looking a bit "cul de sac" with or without robots really. We really don't need this.

I'm a reasonable sort of chap. Scientists are shits, mostly.

Can NO d'EAU says:

No robot has made a watch, and I doubt, ever will except for very basic pre-designed quartz watches.

Michael Kaiser says:

Thanks for sharing life with enthusiasm awesome video and history of bots,nice and smile at the fact that they are not gonna lie to you

Mike Dench says:

Sensationalist nonsense. What's happened to the BBC? This is Hammer Horror fodder for numbskulls.

thatkin dofthing says:

looking at this girl saying "I love it" I have the impression that she is gonna make a shit in a moment…..sorry

jouni mäenpää says:

But the robots not pay taxes…

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