AWS SageMaker For ML And DL Tutorial Playlist- What Will We Learn In This Playlist?

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Krish Naik says:

I just need one help from you. Please share this playlist or video with all your friends…It will be helpful for everyone. It's a request🙏🙏🙏


Thank you, Krish Naik, I have watched your SageMaker video series and able to create my first notebook instance for my fist data science project. Thank you once again , you are the best data science mentor I have got.


Is this the complete playlist on sagemaker?

Hemanth Kumar says:

can you tell me how to run a simple python transformation script in aws sagemaker ? please explain the process.

Abhay Godbole says:

Hello Krishna,
I have subscribed you Chanel and started with this Sage Maker series. I could see many play list right from ML/ DL basics, I would go thru these as well as I have forgotten many things.
I am working in AI/ML from last 5 years… I have one question … as I said I am in this domain for 5 years now, what I observed is, the number of project that we get is very less, all things are getting stopped at PoC and that number is also very less… I kind of started thinking is ML/DL just a Hype, because during this 5 years I haven't got a chance where I used real time large datasets and productionised any ML/DL model.
It would be great if you share your views. I am planning to get my AWS ML Speciality certification after my AWS SA Associate certification and try for a job change… but the issue is I have now 18+ years of IT experience out of which 5+ years in Data Science/ML and may be because of that I am not getting even interview calls or may be there is some issue with my Resume.. I need to work on it….. So I am in dilemma whether to pursue ML Speciality , would it be worth putting efforts and money or should I target SA Pro which would give me wider spectrum, but issue is I don't have experience in this area… It would be great if you share your inputs.


sir, please upload DL project like cats and dogs dataset, please sir upload the video regarding DL in sagemaker.

emamul mursalin says:

Its sad that you stopped at 7th part of this series. It is a very useful and nice series.

Koustav Dutta says:

@krish Naik, sir , please kindly complete this playlist. In our industry, mostly this skill is required…pls pls pls

swati dorge says:

@krish please upload azure ml videos 🙏🙏

Shubham Choudhary says:

Can we deploy model on this web???

Rajat Jain says:

Sir can I make aws student account instead of free tier account

Neetish Tewari says:

So Krish is a superhero indeed

Ramendra Kumar says:

Hey Krish ! You have forgotten the important point to explain, how to avoid unnecessary billing even not using the AWS after using it once. For all learners follow the link below for instruction by AWS. Otherwise , It will keep billing and you never know.

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