Augmented Intelligence – Unlocking the Value of AI

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There is nothing artificial about the problems of the real world. So, should we settle for just artificial intelligence? Find out how DataRobot is bringing the impact of AI out of the box, helping the heroes of the intelligence revolution by augmenting the way they analyze data and deliver real value.

Learn insights on building an agile AI-driven enterprise from industry leaders and data science pioneers. Watch all of the sessions from AI Experience Worldwide:

Video features Dr. Zain Khalpey, who uses artificial intelligence, regenerative medicine, and precision medicine techniques to help develop new ways to impact patient outcomes. Find out more:

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astro-snake says:

This sounds like an Expert Systems; rule bassed, providing transparency by showing reasoning for the models conclusions. These decisions support systems aid human decisions, speeding up the process, very important in time sensitive domains such as medical.

Mark Tossell says:

Great layman’s explanation of the vision and value of DataRobot. Perfect for business leaders. Super well done; very classy.

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