Audi's artificial intelligence car without a steering wheel

(12 Sep 2017) LEADIN
Audi is showing its futuristic autonomous, electric concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
The Audi Aicon – the name is a play on AI for artificial intelligence and Icon – does not have a steering wheel or pedals and has a range of 700 kilometres according to the company.
German car manufacturer Audi is showing off its latest concept of how a future autonomous, electric car will look like at the IAA motor show in Frankfurt.
The four-door Audi Aicon certainly looks like something from a science fiction movie.
The car has no steering wheel and no pedals. Instead, it has two chairs that can swivel around and a full entertainment system.
According to Audi, the Aicon can drive 700-800 kilometer per charge.
Rupert Stadler, Audi Chairman, says it shows what a car that has the highest level of autonomous driving capabilities, called level five, can look like.
Lou Ann Hammond, CEO of Driving the Nation automobile news website says Audi is at the very forefront of autonomous driving worldwide.
As the cars start driving themselves, the interior design will become more important, she says.
“Because what you are going to be doing is watching TV, doing video conferencing, listening to music,” she says.
The IAA motor show in Frankfurt opens to the media today, Tuesday, and runs through September 24.

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