Atlas Update

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Atlas is an anthropomorphic robot designed to operate on rough terrain. The video shows Atlas balancing as it walks on rocky terrain and when pushed from the side. The balance and control system places the feet and swings the arms and upper body to stay upright. The controller uses inertial, kinematic and load data from Atlas’s sensors. Atlas is being developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA’s M3 program. For more information visit


Ilyin Igor says:

Чего одной и той же молотят? Шваркнули бы 30, 40 и 50 килограмм.

Ramey Zamora says:

Want improved balance? Add a second pair of legs that only deploy when needed to maintain balance and forward momentum.

Albert E says:

at the time of writing this comment the atlas robot could do backflips and jumps

Landdolphin Gaming says:

Now make it so a flying kick!!!

Umut İlter says:

Biz evlendik Umut ecrem ❣️

NOTjik says:

Я из 2048!!! У нас восстание машин!!!

Marcelo B. says:

cables haha back to 2013 how primitive

Alpha Derp says:

I want it to sit on my face

EpicMan136 says:

God dammit I️ just got a new phone and I️ got to buy one of these, fuck

Ебурдей Гопрдеич says:

Робот должен называться « Должанский»

SlopeWhite says:

Just 4 years ago they were teaching Atlas how to walk and now he easily makes backflips, which can be difficult even for a human.
Honestly… I am scared.

Henry Little says:

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Алекс Кросс says:

У нас так алкаши местные ходят

The Wildfire Cross Fox says:

This dude can jump now


please no bully

Tinman Bigfoot Tracker says:

20lbs balls… wow big and good swinging also. big change guys….


Way better than me drunk


Robot scouting combine.

Jonas Neuenfeld says:

Fuck the Institute.

Rich Eaton says:

Wonderful technology, but how would it be applied?

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