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Mar.26 — Microsoft Post Doctoral Researcher Timnit Gebru discusses the effects of bias in artificial intelligence. She speaks with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.”



Dalir Kosimov says:

Just increase the sample population of darker skinned women? Or increase the sample population in general?

Am I missing something here?

Bini B says:

Timnit Gebru: Google and big tech are 'institutionally racist

Dawit Woldu says:

Am proud you eritrean 🇪🇷

Rowan Gontier says:

She believes that algorithm designers are deliberately trying to misclassify gender? That would be ridiculous.

Jared M Johnson says:

This seems a problem market forces will solve easily.

y g says:

This is beautiful mind fighting for freedom we can only pray for your visions

Buster Dafydd says:

2:00 I think she means higher error rates worse sounds like the error rates are decreasing

Bershe Tube says:

I proud of her she from Ethiopia

vallab says:

You cannot mitigate a prevailing fact as bias by introducing correction at the output level. One needs to correct the original fact of the matter itself to get rid of the bias. Suppose you ask for the rich people in planet, AI mostly will show people of white or fair skin. Enable all people to have fair or white skin if they like is the correction of original fact needed to be done.

Marcus Cruz says:

Maybe you're just a bit harder to see. Jheez

Marcus Aurelius says:

2018 … identity politics, all the time, every day
how about there are technical problems to resolve — making this one among many
why does this have to be about "white people" inflicting harm on "non-white people?"
why can't the media SHUT UP about their desire to create arbitrary conflict!

James says:

The issue is physics, not race. Dark colors absorb more light, and less is reflected back for the camera to discern the object. Less light, less information, less accurate AI.

Reverend Galerivs says:

maybe AI is not biased.. maybe we are… and AI is just truthful

dankdreamz says:

This is amazing. What bullshit!

Paul Tremblay says:

Ridiculous,what a waste of time, just dump the frickin app, don't complain. North America is already a Nazi domain, ask Stefan Moleyneux.

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