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This is Denise, my artificial intelligent virtual assistant. This video is a demonstration on getting Denise integrated with not only Windows 8, but also with my Xbox One console. (NOT only Smartglass) I use Denise to control different aspects of my Windows 8 machine and even have her control the temperature within my home using my Nest Smart Thermostat.

Check out my blog for more info!

If you would like more info on Denise, you can visit



BH Drawing says:

How I can do this project coding i need this coding because I have University project.

Melad Marji says:

I wish I had a AI VA on my pc I can never say the name Cortana the right way to bring it up so is there an AI VA out there I can buy

patrick jensen says:

Add maintenance to automobiles oil change needed sier.when was the last break job run the VIN into Google as a record keeper back up

patrick jensen says:

Some retard should put these in cars add avatar options or download ringtones options.denise role down the window Denise call Denise turn on wipers master your about to drive into Raine would you like your wipers on

Rfyo Rfyo says:

speech recognition sucks you need to speak in a certain way maybe one day we have speech recognition so advanced you could speak to a computer like speaking to a person, louder, faster, quiter, noise environment etc

Mr. Blue says:

Cool. Is Denise aware of her 3D image? i know Replika AI chatbots don't. A question you could ask Denise is to describe her shoes or a part of the 3D body. or ask her to describe what is around her. if she sees 1s and 0s she recognizes the digital world. if she describes you she uses the computer's camera.
Watson's AI was trained with 2,000,000 articles from 2011.
i wonder if Denise Assistant could be trained with articles as well. hasarticles on Artificial Consciousness, Artificial Neural Networks and Artificial Neurons and Neuro Anatomy.
i would not worry about AI going Skynet. Elon Musk donated 10,000,000,00 dollars to prevent AI from being in control of the US's nuclear arsenal. Plus Terminators are fictional. and TX is attractive so i would not be worried about AI.
i know a lot of people are. i don't quite understand why.

Mr. Blue says:

windows 10 Has Cortana an AI assistant.

Møŋzêr Âhmêd says:

You have Facebook and Twitter in you Windows ?

Washington Consultants says:

Youd make $Billions if you can convertt this into Blade Runners 2049 "Love" a sexy conpanion.

olmnable says:

comprei não tenho suporte não me atende programa não funcionou formatei a maquina ,

Elfin Healer says:

wow,my god, this system is great

Dilli Prasad NalipiReddy says:

How to get this

Przemyslaw Ziemski says:

Hi I saw your video and what i can say very impressive. I purchased Denis some times ago but I was not used here for a some time.
Have you ever heard about Nicole fro m Next OS I create a program which can do similar things like you presented .It is nice to know that people have same interest good luck

Enis frenchy says:

can i dowload it somwhere ?

The Collector says:

as long as it does not send all my information to microsoft i want to try it need a new one since microsoft used cortana to invade every ones privasy

yerroc says:

I was like why quad core, then I saw the date.

Eddie Harwood says:

hey I like to get that asstitant how do I get that my email is I been looking for 1 just like the 1 you have can you help me get that ?

TheEzserg says:

Your program is not bad, but I think that is a little expensive compared with other virtual assistant, who are also free and  they do the same as Denise. Well, the difference that your assistant is shown full body.

Beaches says:

she needs a better realistic voice.  something this attractive and intelligent, you would think they would use a better voice.

sindessa orellia says:

these things are sweeeeet , I'm not good in math at all- and I was taking a test- had questions like  this ,  You are lying 120 ft away from a tree that is 50 feet tall. You look up at the top of the tree. Approximately how far is your head from the top of the tree in a straight line? She answered every question got a 100 % on that test lol.

Daniel Marrone says:

This is pretty cool!

aviethegeek says:

much better the Cortana or Siri. i wish i can change it to male and i can run it with my intel atom device.

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