ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(AI) IN HINDI | 2018 | Explained in Hindi |

This video for study and also related to theartificial intelligence, ai, robots, elon musk, facebook, machine learning, singularity, andrew ng, automation, technology, artificial, apple, google, tesla, enlitic, baidu, vehicles, autonomous, robot, intelligence, terminator, media, privacy, computer, nuclear, alternative media, 9/11, martial law, police state, nightly news, infowars, alex jones, cbsn, live video, live streaming, video, hillary clinton, social, zuckerberg, experiment, develop, program, chat, chatbot, stop real attack of robots and robot 2.0,robot youtube,types of robots,history of robots anf much more this video also contain-The rise of the robots is a problem not just because of the immediate human cost, but because robots are fantastically energy-hungry and thus accelerate the unsustainable, insupportable damage we are doing to Earth. Moore’s Law, which says that the number of transistors on a microprocessor chip will double every couple of years, is about to run into the buffers: within five years, the working parts of computers will become so small that they start to become vulnerable to quantum instabilities. Thus, continuing to increase the computing power of robots is going to require much more energy in the future. (And remember: as computer parts get smaller, they also become more impracticable to recycle.)