Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs Data science Vs Deep learning | Applied AI Course

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rabi k says:

Sir I am so glad to joined your AI and ML diploma course..your explanation is awesome. The reason I joined because of your Teaching methodology very well explain…Thank once again.

Daniel Simamora says:

i want to pursue such as AI, ML, and DL. But i found no specific bootcamp for those in my country, so turned out I joined Data Science bootcamp 🙁 hopefully i don't get lost

Rahul Sharma says:

So Basically in AI we cover AI itself, ML and Deep learning and some fundamentals of Data science as well
And in data science we cover DS itself and some fundamentals of AI 😅

Animation Dost says:

Wow vary nice….. Thank you so much sir

Nagendra S says:

Sir if I become a data scientist then will I never touch AI? Are AI and Data science completely different domains?

Paras Jain says:

The best explanation till now.

Sandipan Sarkar says:

This videos are a must to know what is the actual difference between applied ai course and other courses offered by other institutions.I would not like to name any of them and create a controversy.I hope I made myself clear.Thanks.

ReinOwader says:

Ok, now i understand that I am interested in ML and DS mainly, DL is very interesting but i have to put that on hold right now.

Sireesh Anasuri says:

Thanks so much.

Geet Kang says:

Helpful. Thank you.

Huszar Tony says:

Thank you sir.

vijaya lakshmi says:

Excuse me sir can u pls help me out actually i liked d way u teach iam applying for MS in data science in us. My doubt is the online courses u give on AI/ML will they deviate me from data science r do u also provide courses for data science pls reply im very confused

Valore Dramack says:

I feel like I am inside of a tunnel.

Ashish Jha says:

Thank you so much sir. You really cleared my doubt

maruti naidu says:

awesome…. clear thoughts

Ana Rivera says:

If you want to discuss this topic, you can read this article … it's very interesting

kedar pednekar says:

You are the best !!

BlackLion says:

Wow thanks a lot for explanation, I was very confused until you came up!

Jeff Galef says:

That was fantastic. Very informative. Thank you!

kevin john says:

it is nice and good video…

Ubiquitous J says:

nice presentation thru venn diagram which is enough in many ways to enlighten over such a widened evolving discipline, you covered distinctly each of the component u shown in venn diagram, to my opinion its more than enough introduction to grown mind to start making career decision choice in this emerging computer science domain.
i have however one question in context to same the video is based on, that could you please specify who & what types of professionals should choose these program ? & what should be prerequisite for them? what types of in addition hands on exposure required for both the one already worked in IT for significant time and also those who are new in IT itself but has worked in other domain?
i expect to hear from you with same niche explanation as u did in this video to clarify my doubt.

HiTech Abbayi says:

Very nice..what is the software you have used explain??

vinod kumar kolla says:

Thankyou sir .. could you please tell me which software you have used for writing while explaining…
Thanks in advance

Rishabh Shinz says:

1k the like from here !

Gowthami Reddy says:

Is data science have good future…Is is easy to learn…Plz suggest me

M Ahmed says:

Awesome video sir. Thanks

Madan Neelapu says:

Very clear and informative. Thanks.whats the presentation tool u r using?

ashish maurya says:

Sir make video career in AI.


Sir which software did you use for making this video? Lucid explanation. Thank you.

Design Thinking says:

Dear thanks for making this video…

What basic knowledge need to learn this four…..

Do you have any cousre ….
Mail me details….
M 8850038703

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