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This Artificial Intelligence tutorial video will help you understand what is Artificial Intelligence, types of Artificial Intelligence, ways of achieving Artificial Intelligence and applications of Artificial Intelligence. In the end, we will also implement a use case on TensorFlow in which we will predict whether a person has diabetes or not. Artificial Intelligence is a method of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot or a software think intelligently in a manner similar to the human mind. AI is accomplished by studying the patterns of the human brain and by analyzing the cognitive process. Artificial Intelligence is emerging as the next big thing in the technology field. Organizations are adopting AI and budgeting for certified professionals in the field, thus the demand for trained and certified professionals in AI is increasing. As this new field continues to grow, it will have an impact on everyday life and lead to considerable implications for many industries. Now, let us deep dive into the AI tutorial video and understand what is this Artificial Intelligence all about and how it can impact human life.

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The topics covered in this Artificial Intelligence Tutorial are as follows:
1. What is Artificial intelligence?
2. Types of Artificial intelligence
3. Ways of achieving artificial intelligence
4. Applications of Artificial intelligence
5. Use case – Predicting if a person has diabetes or not

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Why learn Artificial Intelligence?
The current and future demand for AI engineers is staggering. The New York Times reports a candidate shortage for certified AI Engineers, with fewer than 10,000 qualified people in the world to fill these jobs, which according to Paysa earn an average salary of $172,000 per year in the U.S. (or Rs.17 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs in India) for engineers with the required skills.

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Catercot32 says:

Nice video! Could you send the files to this email address:

Ocay 21 says:

Help me idk how you create the data for the ai coding, is use another coding data or anything else?

Raphael Morgan says:

So I tried downloading tensorflow with pip, but it didn't work and when I looked at the tensorflow website it said I needed below 3.8 and I had 3.9
so I deleted 3.9 and got 3.7 because that's the last version that was versatile with tensorflow
but now every time I run "pip" it says it doesn't exist and every time I run "python" it pulls up the windows store to get python 3.9
but 3.9 doesn't work with tensorflow so idk what to do

Super aleps says:

Where is the csv file ?(Great vid)

Zethrun says:

hey, could you maybe send the dataset? i have one aswell but wasnt able to find one that is like this one…

Bailey Arm says:

Should it be compressed or uncompressed?

Simplilearn says:

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Youtube troller says:

Thanks 😉 am studying Game Dev and this has helped a lot

gira k says:

can you make another AI like for recommendations or another?
idk if you will read this comment

Ali Ghovanlou says:

what is the association between predictions results and ID number

Michael Barchini says:

Great video! Could i get these files to this email address


a little note: do not enable the automated evolutio of an A..I's data. Always remember that what they learn are only things you manually allow them to learn.

because you never know…

Vishal Gupta says:

Can i still learn this when i don't know python?

Teis Thinggaard says:

get a new mic

Sandeep Menon says:

He: pretty amazing time to be alive
Me: I am lucky
My grandfather: my life was a joke🙄

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