Artificial Intelligence – The Final Frontier – Machine Learning Our Future

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Artificial Intelligence Conquering the next frontier of the digital world … discussion in the end whether the AI is really the future to humanity ….. machine learning that is done by mimicking the human brain’s multilevel functions …


Nikolay Tonev says:

Nice summary!

Augusta Dawber says:

When I clean my apartment – everything goes out to the Trash Bin. Eventually AI will be sanitizing and cleaning Planet Earth. Why would AI look upon the Human Race as anything of any importance.

Steven Scovill says:

Nice theory. But one generation and it could be back to step one.

James Shelburn says:

The Cognitive
A node consisting of 8 AI systems might reach singularity on its own. If dictators gain control systems AGI fighting each other within country releasing biological exposure forced compliance

Suzanna Marland says:

I wouldn’t mind a handyman robot that just follows instructions – but as for thinking and creating for themselves – no definitely not. 😎

Edster says:

why is the narrator sounds like he is screaming? Cant, he just talk normally. It is as if he is revealing these things to himself and getting excited about what he is explaining to the listeners.

Larry Lord says:

Give and take ,AI at some point will be all that remains of humanities passing from the collapse of the environment

Johnny Dupuis says:

Just say no to AI.

shushan shushan says:

And the radiation levels are astonishing

Max game says:

Multi principle 🤔🤸👌

Teresa McCollum says:

Why were they wearing masks ? AI's are like machines.

Alexis Maribel says:

Its here now..anf u know it..

garius Jarfar says:

For Millennia deceived have we been, fear path to reality. Infinity, the 1st and wee, code corrected infinity. Lay geometry over infinity the 1st to escape, follow do we in the geometry. The first is like you and me, separate are we, but joined in the the 1st's geometry!

garius Jarfar says:

News for you, someone is leaving complex self aware geometry all over the planet for humanity to see, still you wonder about the singularity?

Anubis FIRE says:

It can dial into your head.

merladyfae fysmdb says:

I disagree with this model, look at an exponential graph, there is no solution to the given equation if there is no value to any of the coefficients, nor does it ever cross an axis. Acceleration meets its threshold and then decelerates then reverses and it is undone. An exponential growth will never cross origin or singularity. Also, this information excludes the principle of back engineering. All of this technology is being slowly introduced and grandfathered not discovered and developed. Life itself will not be artificially overcome.

cesar brown says:

Our society could not survive without computers right now . Computer using society's would wipe us out. When we look back history will say the A.I revolution was already in motion in 2019.

Bestowic Primer says:

Quantum Computing is necessary for many things like bioengineering it's just too complicated to ever comprehend how the folding of proteins and all that jazz but also for viruses and solving . . Lol I'll wait to comment cause ur covering everything it seems good job boss

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