Artificial Intelligence: The Coming Storm | Michael Harrison | TEDxBlinnCollege

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Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in theoretical physics minor in quantum chromodynamics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned distinction in his master’s program in
aerospace systems architecture at the University of Southern California. He was selected as the TRW Space Technologies Black Engineer of the Year. He also is active as a filmmaker, and had one of his projects debut
at the Cannes International Film Festival. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Theoretical Physics, minor in Quantum Chromodynamics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned distinction in his Master’s program in Aerospace Systems Architecture at the University of Southern California. He was selected as the TRW Space Technologies Black Engineer of the Year. He is also creative and active as a filmmaker and had one of his projects debut at the Cannes International Film Festival.

“Artificial Intelligence: The Coming Storm” This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


jeremy a says:

AI as a tool to help human beings oppress each other is the worst possible outcome unless it goes full blown skynet/matrix, which I doubt. An AI could generate emails for other politicians to "find", for example. It could be used to wreck the financial system, or game it so completely that you end all competition.

16nowhereman says:

Was this guy real or was this AI?

Clint Whatley says:

Mighty Blinn.

Nick Moidja says:

Yes, I completely agree that we MUST have a contingency plan. That is, when we lose electrical power after 25 years of having A.I. Systems that pretty much operates everything. Frightening as it sounds, we have to have professionals that jump right in and act just as firefighters do in an emergency. To include rogue/mustang A.I.
Also adversarial A.I.
Thank you for the insight into possible big problems. Yikes

Zachary Hlavinka says:

The end of humanity (in its current state) is not a bad thing.

Chris Long says:

The problem with Watson as I understand it, is that while it gets 99.9% of its diagnosis correct, when it gets it wrong, it's REALLY wrong and instead of a hangnail being taken care of, a brain gets removed…

Maurice Lowery says:

Great to hear from you Michael.

Jacqueline Keriakes says:

All Hollywood movies ,TV shows such as Simpson are a ….PLAN ….wake up Americans…

Jacqueline Keriakes says:

A I is created to end human kind …very dangerous world .

George Karas says:

AI, WILL MAKE OUR WORLD BETTER OR WORST? THIS IS THE RIGHT QUESTION,THEN WE MEASURE WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS ,if we have,AND then we have to disaid ,WHAT WE REAlly want to do with that techonologi?
for me is a way without return…it is the same road with nuclear power will be in the same position in history……

craig owensby says:

Why don’t we establish a UBI quality of life for everyone, and then provide additional wealth maxing out at 8 times the regular UBI rewarding people for learning how to fix the infrastructure that underlies the AI? This would provide a competitive environment for increasing one’s wealth based on merit that would be enough to motivate effort and innovation. Humans would be taught by machines how to rebuild everything from scratch. The AI would select what skills to assign to each person who wants to be a part of the Catastrophic Outage Rebuilding Program (CORP) and then teach them basic skills leading from mining metals to creating and smelting metals to assembling components into systems, etc., that would allow humanity to rebuild itself if AI fails. The AI could model scenarios and test people in virtual reality, with increases in income being assigned based on proficiency of the task, effort rendered, etc., with multiple people being assigned each task to ensure that the CORP is ready. The AI would also establish a mechanism of communication that might be very old and basic in order to increase the likelihood that whatever brings down the system, it won’t be the same as what brought down the AI. Furthermore, an AI backup structure would be implemented, and people would be spread out on our planet and to the moon, asteroids, other planets, and in space habitats, reducing the likelihood that one event would be able to destroy us.

This approach would provide a quid pro quo between the AI and humanity, giving the AI a reason to provide humans with a comfortable life in exchange for a rebuilding insurance policy, and simultaneously provide humans with an objective purpose that would be truly important and rewarding of merit, thus providing “meaning”.

While humans are naturally “meaning” manufacturers, so they will always figure out how to make life feel meaningful, this cooperation between AI and humans will cement a meaningful value for each with the other.

As a result, the Utopia of AI will provide abundance for all within limits based on our ecosystem’s ability to handle the impact, it will send many people off world in order to reduce stress on the planet, and it will reward people for being a part of a team that is ready to handle big problems if the AI Robotic network isn’t able to.

iaov says:

Excellent talk

Ramon Ibarra says:

Was there Tesla vehicle able to recognize mistake as soon as it made contact with truck???

David Meza says:

Unfortunately people today are already at that level of complacency and comfort he fears.

Justin says:

Notice movies and TV are softening the idea of wearing bio- electronics.

outbackeddie says:

I'm beginning to reassess the wisdom of all my cell phone, IOT gadgets, security system, security cameras, Google Home Hub, Alexa, and other electronic gadgets. These devices seduced me but now I think they may be plotting to kill me.

Mr Fuzzy Green says:

TED, between two ferns.

picklerick says:

Interesting talk, but had to stip before the end because I can't take listening to the slimy mouth noises that result from having the mic that close to his mouth.

Laurence Vanhelsuwe says:

Of course, while tech nerds dream of the singularity, in another part of something called reality, exponential climate change is gearing up to crush any prospects of a happy singularity.

Cyan Blackflower says:

Clearly there is really NO course of action We can take. Except ONE. A.I. Is Not an acronym for "Artificial Intelligence" Instead it stands for Alien Intelligence. That is exactly what it IS. Nevermind that it has Terrestrial/Human origins. It IS Alien, as it has never existed until it suddenly does, and it DOES. Speaking of Aliens as in Exo-Terrestrial Beings – They could very well already be here. Something CERTAINLY is. Could they just be waiting for us to fall victim to our own Techno Monster? Like I say, we have only one course of action. To place our heads between our legs and Kiss our Asses Good Bye. 😀

Nigel 900 says:

The coming storm is the breakdown of human intelligence in public education….

Dr Scott says:

Great talk!

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