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Shorter version of Henry Markram’s wonderful Ted Talk! Watch the rest here:


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John Batchler says:

petty fools who is worshipping ai

Hammer Bone says:

Well, i am a ''Brain'' &, ehem (sorry i'm drinking) > i say, ehem, whatever you Think of, you can Create. That's all me. (I love myself [i am a selfish]).

santiagowechsler says:

Why do they try to create human brains? Just grow them in a lab.

Jabberwocky says:

A bit misleading – the brain is not the "final pinnacle" that universe has "prodused"

Robert Galletta says:

The Numbers of neurons is only important in relation to the animals body size. With ten thousand neurons you could design a brain with an appropriate sized body as an avatar.  The Brain evolves over time as a person grows up, but a machine mind would be grown up. it would need to develop socially in one phase of brain age. And then there are the parameters of the Empirical. In a VR simulation an avatar in a world has parameters to deal with. That would be it's experience and reality.

Francisc Ionuț Balint says:

Where can I watch the rest ? ………. Just kidding » Henry Markram: A brain in a supercomputer

Robert w says:

you broke the internet :(, why mirror only one piece of a video?

Divya Gopisetty says:

Link is in the description!

Divya Gopisetty says:

Link is in the description!

Karobia Who? says:

where can i watch the rest ?

John Che says:

part two of this talk?

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