Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & #Blockchain: Dr. Ben Goertzel & Sophia The Robot

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robots become the dominant tech on the planet, and narrow AI gives way to Artificial General Intelligence — who will guide these developments, and who will benefit? To work toward the common good, the best path forward is to grow a decentralized network of AIs, to which everyone can freely contribute, and from which everyone can benefit and profit. To achieve this dream requires robust integration of multiple technologies including AI, robotics and blockchain. Toward this end an international team of researchers, developers and visionaries have come together to create the SingularityNET, a decentralized autonomous organization of AIs, providing next-generation AI-as-a-service to numerous vertical markets and providing a breeding ground for benevolent AGI.

This talk was given by a unique human-robot team: Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO and founder of SingularityNET; and Sophia the Robot, the world’s most emotionally expressive humanoid robot and a living testbed for SingularityNET technology.

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