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This video covers artificial intelligence, research being done in the field, what major to pick to get started, and a more detailed description on how machine learning works.

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly fast growing field with more and more innovations coming up all the time. You can see artificial intelligence being used in finance, gaming, healthcare, self driving cars, email spam filtering, and much more.

One of the big fields of artificial intelligence is machine learning. Machine learning is making software that is able to learn from past experiences. One example of this is AlphaGo which is an A.I. project made by deepmind that was able to beat the best go player in the world, in a game of go. AlphaGo wasn’t programmed with strategies though, it was just programmed to learn.

Deep learning is often done through the use of neural networks which I talk about in this video using a simple example.



S N says:

Do we need to know Machine Learning in depth or we can directly start with Deep Learning and pick up the pieces as and when required?

Logan Adrian says:

What’s the best way to get into the programming and circuitry side of robotics while also working on machine learning? (These are the things that interest me)

Learn Languag says:

Hi, I am doing a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. I want to do a master in Ai. How can I do that??

Radhika Awasthi says:

U really helped me allott through this video. Thankyou!

whaat 1234 says:

Im stuck between data science and computer engineering , can anyone help me ?

Geshben Rewand says:

God bless u

bayek of siwa says:

how close we are to a real life jarvis?

Suriya paul says:

can ug mechanical engineerings get a masters in ai??

Jonathan Perry says:

I think that most consider MS with top tier publications as well, just wanted to throw that out there.

Also, its good to note that AI Residency programs are a good path to take during or after a MS to get into the field.

Elliot Veal says:

I studying for Aerospace Engineering and taking mechatronics en route if I get in, your insight has proven valuable in the last couple weeks, thanks man!

Tealjoy 7 says:

I’ve been wanting to work on ai research at a company like OpenAI or Google deepmind since I was 19-20. I’m 22 now and hopefully going back to school in the fall for computer science, wish me luck

Rey F says:

it took me 14 hours to find this

Neena Parikh says:

Could you do a video on quantum computing and what majors/minors needed in your undergrad to get into the field?

Sanjeev Radhakrishnan says:

As a teen about to go into college, thank you for so much for videos like this. They are tremendously insightful, and are really helping me focus on what I want to be studying going into college.

radhika bhong says:

Great video…😄

Doris White says:

Thanks for the video. Very informative. I knew there was a lot to AI, but all of this and more . . .. WOW!

No Manches Marvin! says:

Thank you man this help!

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