Artificial Intelligence Meets Mental Health Therapy | Andy Blackwell | TEDxNatick

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Andy and his team are using AI in the delivery of mental health care for tens of thousands of patients with compelling results. He shares their approach as well as a vision for treating mental health conditions, which underpins his “Eight Billion Minds” program. Andy is Group Chief Science and Strategy Officer at IESO Digital Health in Cambridge, UK. His career has focused on developing innovative technologies that can improve the lives of those with mental health challenges. He trained in psychology and neuroscience at the University of St. Andrews and the University of Cambridge. Andy Blackwell is a scientist and healthcare technology entrepreneur who believes that data in our healthcare systems will fuel the discovery of a new generation of treatments and eradicate “trial and error” from medicine. This year he launched “8 Billion Minds”, a ground-breaking technology program using deep learning to decode and democratize the treatment of mental health conditions. Andy trained in cognitive neuroscience and psychology at the Univ. of St. Andrews and the Univ. of Cambridge. Through clinical research Andy has seen first-hand the often devastating impact that mental health conditions such as Depression and Anxiety Disorders have on patients and their families; this experience drives his determination to improve the quality of treatments available. Andy has worked extensively with neuroscience labs and major pharma, biotech and medical devices companies around the world and serves as Group Chief Science and Strategy Officer at Ieso Digital Health in Cambridge, UK. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


barry deeks says:

i am on twice the recomended dosage of aural medication and a large depo and it has little effect on what the doctors like to call my belifes.

vv aa says:

its not that therapy is not effective, its just that you need to wait too long to be able to get access to Psychotherapy. AI can also have the downside of putting too much emphasis on optimizing and get the most of it, thus being just another efficiency tool in our self optimizing society while missing the warm, empathic and humanistic aspects in therapy which are crucial. Chit chat for example can also be a tool to build a good client-therapist relationship or to get some information about the clients personality or his habits.

WSM says:

very slow, ordinry speechn a solution wasnt offered

Uday Kovai says:

Thank you Andy Blackwell. Your soft talk on the latest therapist techniques using AI gives lots of hope to people like me.

Uday Kovai says:

Talk therapy without talking. Wow. That's amazing.

World Around says:

Thanks a lot sir.

Peter Deacon says:

Medication can cause depression, statins do that to me also blood pressure medication, statins effect is waking up in the morning my mind seems empty and I have no thoughts or plans for the day ahead.

Mumtaz Rizvi says:

Simply loved the idea of using AI in reaching out to so many people.
Andy seems to have so much determination and conviction to help those in distress.

Sonal Jain says:

Amazing session!!

AvidReader Shyama says:

Being rooted to the natural world one can keep good metal health in the era of Artificial Intelligence

Scott Oglesby says:

This is amazingly interested in elucidates things I've been think about for a while. Places where I have an idea on the horizon this is a hose of compact ideas about those thoughts just raining down. thank you so much.

Niall Yuxin Xie says:

he kind of looks a little bit like macaulay culkin

The Fyskoogle says:

Incredible video thanks

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