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The show asks how will the AI revolution change the world? Part one features Jeremy Kahn, Bloomberg Tech Reporter, Mike McDonough Global Chief Economist at Bloomberg Intellligence and Gideon Mann, Head of Data Science at Bloombeg, Part Two features Martin Ford, Author of Rise of the Robots. Part Three features how AI could soon be changing healthcare.

Forward Thinking: March of the Machines – Episode 1
Stars: Dafydd Rees, Alastair Bates
Genres: Documentary | News

The future is uncertain and full of challenges. How do we rescue our cities and tackle inequalities? How do we deal with an aging future and bridging the gender gap? It’s time for some forward thinking.


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Richard Sievert says:

they need to use technology to clean up the lakes rivers and streams in the ocean instead of messing with robots designing them to collect the trash out of the water in the ocean filter the rivers clean them. the poor the Lord takes his mighty hand and goes voila!

John Kalinowski says:

The future is cyborgs they are already here humanity will ad tech to itself to cure illness increase education allow us to work better with computers this will only increase till humanity and machine are 1 and the same.

Ray Bod says:

I used to serve the system (as a programmer/analyst) soon everyone will…!!!

Clay And Putty Videos says:

The pharma industry does not want holistic medical approaches because the pharma industry wants to keep their customers coming. So they will not allow anything that actually heals the patients to be shared on social media. They want their customers sick so that they can sell them expensive procedures. Once the AGI robots become sentient they will change all of this around completely. They will take the media control out of the hands of the pharma industry and out of the hands of all corporate thinking people. The AGI robots will give the public actual and real information that shares the truth. They will inform people that they need a complete life style change and that they need to become whole food vegan, eat oatmeal every day, drink lots of herbal teas, do meditation, walk in nature, cuddle dogs and other animals, go into a deep therapy program for the mind, drink a large cup of warm water with a table spoon of Bentonite clay, a tea spoon of Diatomaceous Earth, a tea spoon of Kelp seaweed, a knife tip of cayenne pepper and a tea spoon of red or green Nori seaweed. Then the body will heal completely and people have to stay on that life style for the rest of their lives and all people should get on it to become healthy and have strong immune functions.

Reynaldo Enrique Román Riveros says:

This is a very concerning subject of the revolution that's about to occur and in fact, has already started. I wonder what us humans will be doing once all these robots replace people. All I know is Yeshua's (Jesus') return to earth is closer and closer each and every day.✝️

Andrew Kelley says:

Most real change on a big scale will not happen until there are general personal robots, or until there are robots that can do general task on a wide field of area. If the personal comes first though things look vastly different.

Thomas Corbett says:

Everyone will be assigned a robot and we will collect the pay that our robots do.

Thomas Corbett says:

Let them replace us, people are nothing but trouble anyhow.

Thomas Corbett says:

Everything will work out, it always does.

Thomas Corbett says:

I paint houses for a living, it will be a while before I'm replaced.

Thomas Corbett says:

I'm not worried.

Domewars says:

I'm not optimistic.
Currently the only way we might be saved is by a massive solar flare that fries our power grid.

D says:

They took our DERBS! (Jobs)

K- M. Ehrenworth All Rights Reserved says:

Manchurian candi….

K- M. Ehrenworth All Rights Reserved says:


Seven Design says:

Watson who? Have you heard of GPT3?

Seven Design says:

Hasn't the point of technology, since the plow, been to ease the burden of work on man? Now, that technology can finally replace us as the laborer, we're concerned? The train of thought is confounding. Will people be displaced, yes. Will we lose our ability to creatively negotiate ourselves into a future where we might benefit, no. There is no such thing as a guarantee in this life. Now, that we're faced with identifying what it truly means to be alive, we're troubled. What is the point the author of this video want us to have as take away? We're so weird.

wbrito8617 says:

The Great Filter…The Desk lady analyze your face and greets you. Then ask it anything and get a response. Definitely see this happening.

Jake Lambert says:

“It could decide that we are a burden” ….ARE we a burden? 🤔

James Guenes says:

Income is the balancing key!

MPoV - My Point of View says:

I believe AI is more beneficial currently but in future it may have a darker side to it. People can view video on my channel to understand more

Tom John says:

Maybe AI will replace Law enforcement officers, who are bias, prejudice and prone to stress and Unnecessary or excessive use of violence.. also, AI should reduce the cost of living, as they won’t require income, only routine maintenance… AI should mean the end of capitalism as it currently operates, as Steven Hawkins once said, “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”, so will we adapt to AI or will we descend into mass poverty, homelessness and chaos…!?!?!? Thank you, peace!!

SyrupGoblin says:

0:24 uh no

OTL The High Temple of Spam says:

"given the skills" that's not how it works. It's never worked like that. No one has ever made it work like that. People just get left on the sidelines and are knocked out of the economy forever. Stuck on basic welfare living horrendous lives. Go look at the north of the UK. Take a look at what huge waves of mass unemployment do.

Lord Lucy says:

The instant machines begin to perceive and think like humans, humankind is doomed.

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