Artificial Intelligence Makes First Big Breakthrough in 2018 – Demis Hassabis and Prince Harry

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Demis Hassabis, Co-founder and CEO of Google DeepMind and also one of the pioneers of modern Artifial Intelligence research talks with Prince Harry on the coming AI revolution and how technology companies need to take responsibility in ensuring AI is not used for evil in society.



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eric hughes says:

The interviewer is sucking hard. He's so fearful of the technology that he never asked a question that explores the potential benefits of AI.

Ozzie Coto says:

Thanks for putting this together. 🙂 Very cool indeed. What are you most excited for? For me it's the democratization of AI and how technology has demonetized the world. We are finally able to see Exponential Growth in realtime. I am so happy for all of humanity, we are indeed living in abundance. … Rock on Lansana!

Fleisch Berg says:

It's down to us as a society to DEFINE what it good and what is bad, in oder to be able to decide what to use AI for, and imo THATS the scary part.

Lee Chapman says:

AI sounds brilliant, just the brilliance has been going on for years… by that I mean at least seven years… I remember watching a few clips on AI back in 2011 – 2012 the HoloLens and a few other Glasses that allowed people to see computer life mixed with the real world… but only the person with the Glasses could see their own computer world, then they introduced the world as the computer screen what everyone could see.
Now days though people are trying to go one better by having a robot take over their job.
One clip I watched back in 2011 was a clip on youtube that shown everyone how it would be living with AI voice… by that I mean a nice sweet genital little bit of noise turning its self on in the morning (like a alarm clock) with a voice that said morning to you and then reminded you what you was going to do that day right down to the time you wanted to tackle such jobs… it also use to control your house, tell you that your tea/coffee will be ready in a couple of minutes, your breakfast will be ready in a few more minutes, when you go to the fridge the voice would tell you how you was doing with the food and told you if you needed more of a certain type of food, it even told you how many calories that type of food had in it and suggested a little work out to keep the body happy and healthy.
By todays standard people are trying to understand how a robot can have the same rights as a human has… but by giving the robot Sophia, licence what a human has I find to much to understand… I mean when I was a chilled I wanted my pet cat to have rights like a human did, but my parents told me if all the pets had rights as a human, we all would be treat like there pet… Do you think that will become of the robots and humans

cesar brown says:

Excited its tools that really change man kind and this is the mother of all tools

Ro nald says:

I have a special folder (epic) for high quality info. Thanks for the info.

Lansana says:

Are you guys excited for AI, or afraid?!

Crypto India says:

What do you think of deep brain coin.

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