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This video breaks down the fear of A.I not what you think it is… Also keep in mind Darpa created A.I and the internet.
Note: 1972 Arpa became Darpa



Luv2Luv says:

That's extremely hard to think of something no one else in this massive world has already thought of!!

Maranda Ortego says:

Originally we walked with source. Then we didn't. We are being reconciled each in our own era for this experience

Maranda Ortego says:

For who knew the mind of the Lord or who became his advisor? Or who gives to him first and it will be repaid him? Seeing that out of him and through him and for him is ALL. 🌹

3Energy6Frequency9Vibrations says:

Preemptive programming, A.I has been slowly introduced to the masses so that mankind accepts it, you are a product of that PSYOP, A.I as a substance? the technocrats have already started the enslavement using this technology to further advance their agenda, I only came here after you comment on my video, Love your work, listened to your perspective but I do not agree, always be opened minded best of luck.

Leonard Oaks says:

What if Im an NPC?.. 🙁

Matrix Master says:

Love Has Nothing To Do With It^^


DARPA / PRADA, the devil wears prada.

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