Artificial intelligence is here: but with caveats | Juris Pūce | TEDxRiga

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are often heralded as one of the game changers of modern day industries. Yet for all the hype, some significant caveats are not taken into account. As an AI field practitioner, Juris shares several stories of how his team of engineers tackles different issues where humans have been hitherto unsurpassed, by attempting to introduce automation. Juris is a technology entrepreneur specializing in the application of artificial intelligence to practical machine vision. His passion has always been to find ways that technology can improve our lives and prevent its adverse effects. Juris has a diverse technological background, having worked in areas such as software development, information security, hardware and software deployment and maintenance for many years. In recent years, he agreed to participate in a project to automate the inspection of trains, just as the notion of artificial intelligence and machine learning were beginning to reach the mainstream. After this success, Juris and his team have been trying to apply the latest discoveries in these subjects to real-life business problems. Juris’ main driving force is the efficient application of theoretical technology to real-world problems. Juris is also a petrolhead with a passion for traveling the world on his motorbike or any other engine-powered vehicle. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at