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jack rabbit says:

This that shit that was in the last transformers movie

Art Gozzip Nation says:

Them things are so creepy

Samantha MacDoo says:

Trust you? Trust you? BITCH NO!

jack rabbit says:

This that alien shit

jack rabbit says:

This that same shit they had in transformers

jack rabbit says:

One word wtf

Aaron Jordan says:

Lol to take Out I half a city the bad half

Brand Factory Media says:

I'm loving this branding that you are doing. Shows your creativity and diversity.

E FJ says:

This is where our force tax labor go to, so the government could purchase things like this.

Phvntom says:

The new plague

lyz lievanos says:

Love this, so true, A. I already in affect to late.. any time I see a drown around my area, I am already ready to shoot it down any means necessary, I am paranoid, I will f a drown up.. don't fly your toys around my yard or over my house. I am all over it.. oh well it is what it is…peace

Latoya Beir says:

Can't believe they clap to there distruction they even showing and telling them how it's going to happen

Lino Ortiz says:

Also i havent got any live notifications only 2 videos came never lives but ill find them maybe late but ill catch them

Lino Ortiz says:

✌ peace happy easter 🐣 hassan to you and the family

Magnificent Kev7n says:

WTF technology is getting scarier and scarier…. I wanna know who they consider as the bad half..

Alpha omega Ilc. says:

this is scary

Valincia Pruitt says:

And the audience is cheering about blowing someone's brains out? I know that we black folks need to do better and treat each other better. But, the white man is always making weapons! This is despicable and disgusting!!


You addressing the real homie… keep doing it bruh

Tamara Williams says:

Thank you for sharing. This video left me speechless.

Solid Roc Entertainment SRE says:

Mankind will be the destruction of it's ownself

The Technician says:

Antman movie is real

Reefdollars B-unit says:


HarlemWorld KING says:

Asa beloved…thanx…yea its reallll
An we got clowns running around doing dumb weak silly sh#!.. they need the swarms come out on they dumb az…nah reallll talk.(like kodak blk.playing…
Yo hass.this is funny
Had to send u this.i know u like to laugh.This s is Funny Hass…

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