ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DRONE! it won't stop following me

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Blood 4 Life says:

Dude, your teeth man?! Wtf

Yessir says:

I love how it’s the beach from gta😂😂 so many body’s😵

FaZe TRAPO says:

Two drones in 1 video to film 1 drone

helal khan says:

Playing hide and seek with drone 🤣🤣

Bike guy Cody says:

Hey so I am looking for a drone that can do that and follow me around the words when I ride and dodge trees and stuff like that is follow me mode gonna do that on any drone or is there like a certain function that I need to know about

Ace Steel RMP says:

Thanks for not necessarily ragged on this US by the way I'm not a US got to be made here lunatic but I am definitely a not made in China fan in other words made somewhere on this continent or in a pro liberty freedom Asian Nation or Europe which is pretty fascist lunatic Marxist itself but you get the idea any developers or manufacturers that stumble acrosse this video or this comment seriously anywhere but China stop empowering and enriching the most powerful anti liberty anti-freedom anti-truth evil government on Earth only second to the most evil corrupt government found in Washington DC people we have a lot of cleaning up to do and politicians will not do it for us because they're not going to fire themselves if you're a left wing lunatic or a right-wing you're not helping we have a constitution and three branches of the government that are not being followed and are bing violated.

Ace Steel RMP says:

Yeah cuz you love that slave labor made tech right, not a surprise…

Cabin Hunters-Ohio says:

DJI: I tip my hat to you one legend to another

Skydio: 🎩

Allee 000p says:

Black mirror. Hellllll to the nah!

Awesome video Casey! I love the shots you get, the way you put it together, the editing, your style, personality, damn! I'm new to your channel and now I see why you're so well known. I bet your kids don't even know they have the coolest dad on the planet!

Ajinkya Chaskar says:

Could you BE any more careful with gadgets that are expensive Casey? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

Jose Alvarez says:

Love that you added the shot of when it broke 👍

GammaRayBOOM says:

That was more like an X-box controller looking thing. Also if one these things creeping on you while hiking would be creepy as fock.
How da fuck do you get away from it? 😳

Thank you World says:

Ok hear me out. We attach a live video feed to the drone and you watch yourself in third person.

tocarules says:

Competition is good. I wonder what features Mavic will rebut with? In 5 years it'll be a Mavic mini with I inch CMOS, 20X zoom, sensors everywhere and hour flight time. You'll be able to ride on the Zoom.

mainstream iGGi art says:

I warn everyone who is watching this video !!! the author is right, dji is not at all able to make an adequate product and the worst thing is that it is for your money and there can be no talk about any guarantee of free repair or exchange !!! you will remain guilty and will do this stuff for your money. dji company is an absolute pigs of trade culture and I suffered a lot from them and suffered big losses from their low-quality products and the subsequent attitude towards the client

Johanes Win says:

Why are you losing a lot of viewers Casey?

Windell Silvera says:

What is the tech called?

software developer of this simulated universe says:

0:43 .
Drone filming a filming drone

Philipp Zachhuber says:

imagine being hunted by this thing.

Family_of_four says:

If anybody saw u in the park running and hiding, it would have looked so hilarious, cuz it looks hilarious watching the footage. Great video Casey

Stian Jorge Jarnæss says:

The best sports drone 👋

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