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Wondering how artificial intelligence (AI) can improve your marketing? Watch as strategist Bryan Kramer reveals how marketers can benefit from AI.

You’ll discover how AI can help you automate complex tasks, tools you can use right now, and emerging AI applications for marketers.

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Lourdes Helena Gallagher says:

Excellent this what I was looking for thanks 🙏 for Sharing I really appreciate it!

mounika k says:

Good luck to you guys. Amazing info. What should a marketing graduate learn to get a job that integrates AI and marketing.

Abd EL-Rahman Saeed says:

Machine Learning is a branch of AI not something different .. and programming (if else logic) isn't AI .. AI is a computer science domain with many branches and subbranches underneath it

Jonathan Lindsey says:

Like alpha Go / alpha go zero, an entity that has thousand eyes, augmented experiences, moves faster than any human, and a decision making unknown to it's creators, a force to be respected and feared…

qw qw says:

How can I play my account

Alen Devlin says:

I am building AI marketing software. Sooo…
Not sure if I plan to profit of that, just do this for fun. And going to generate myself some clients for another business.

Michael Pendleton says:

Its already here…and it can be done for as little as $57 a month.
Social media post✔
Email ✔
Google analytics ✔
Website builder✔
All done for you…
All under one roof..One platform Powered by AI ( Artificial intelligence) ..It's Amazing.

Anthology AP Challenge Ying Yang Peralta Maps says:

Welcome Mike 👍

Felipe Vergara says:

Amazing video! What´s the name of the software that Byan mentions that can re-write long-form content into shorter one and even tweets?? I would LOVE to test it.

rubin pfeifer says:

What's the name of the tool that converts long-form text to a short one?

Kate Bradley Chernis says:

In case anyone's curious… Lately is the tool that automatically turns longform content into social posts:

🙂 – Thanks SO much Mike and BK for the Lately shoutout! Love you people!

Scottsdale Urban Farms says:

Very curious to see how this helps integrate the IoT into my real estate business as a #TechEnabledAgent. Does this plug into Manychat?

Gary Stockton says:

I heard someone recently describing an AI that can write better performing email subject lines than humans. Pretty crazy.

Lynn Abate-Johnson says:

super stoked about BK's new YouTube launch. yes!! #ThatsMyCoach!! #BKrocks 😉

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