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October 27, 2011
Stanford Center for Internet and Society

Ian Kerr
John O. McGinnis
Lawrence B. Solum
Mary-Anne Williams

Ryan Calo

In the summer of 1956, several key figures in what would become known as the field of “artificial intelligence” met at Dartmouth College to brainstorm about the future of the synthetic mind. Artificial intelligence, broadly defined, has since become a part of everyday life. Although we are still waiting on promises of “strong AI” capable of approximating human thought, the widespread use of artificial intelligence has the potential to reshape medicine, finance, war, and other important aspects of society. The Center for Internet and Society, along with the Stanford Law and Technology Association (SLATA), and the Stanford Technology Law Review (STLR) bring together four scholars who have begun to examine the near term, short term, and long term ramifications of artificial intelligence for law and society. This panel follows up on our Legal Challenges in an Age of Robotics panel from November 2009.

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Sollard Surman says:

The law of course is about equilibrating rights and supporting ideas and people who are less represented. Whether we consider AI in that precarious place or ourselves is a very good fulcrum of engagement with AI and Society.

Igor Gabrielan says:

I started to do a site PRAI – Portal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Nkosi Sibanda says:

AI + law…hmmm… yeah! I could see that working! robots doing law yeah thats the true future of this world!!

Nkosi Sibanda says:

nooooodude are you crazy? law wont get you anywhere, do computer science + AI like me and be part of the future :)))), do law and you'll get bored!!!

Astro Boomboy says:

This is so great!

NUGNESS123 says:

YES, this is exactly what I want to get into!

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