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Ramesh kumar says:

Great explanation 👍

Leela S says:

Good explanation

gobind thakur says:

I am thakur

Sourav Kumar Nagal says:

primitives -> parameters…. xD

saheen 25oct19 says:

Not well explain

Vasundhra Jinsi says:

Nice explanation but plz use hindi instead of English.

Vikram Singh says:

Try to make interesting
Don't go point to point
U can use hindi
Your education skill is very well

Rashmi Abbigeri says:

thank you , you explained well .

ishika chatterjee says:

plz upload vedio for q:
show the computation for the ply moves in a tic tac toe game using alpha – beta cutoff algo

Akash Shakya says:

Rose toh virat kohli hi dega bhai….anyway thanks for the videos.

Suraj Paudel says:

Good one but explaining using English language that makes so boring and not much better so please use hindi language man !


good one but…use Hindi bro I guess you can explain much better in it

Venu Upadhyay says:

Thanks ..!!!!

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