Artificial intelligence 25 Predicate Logic In ai |lecture | tutorial | sanjaypathakjec

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Artificial intelligence 25 Predicate Logic In ai or predicate logic in artificial intelligence.
predicate logic is different from prepositional logic as predicate logic deals with relation and real world entity unlike prepositional logic which is based on true or false
predicate logic deals with 3 world entities known as
predicate object, predicate function predicate relation.
predicate logic has ability to represent facts about object
predicate logic enables to represent law and facts from real world entity
predicate syntax follow object , relation and function. this video is about predicate logic in artificial intelligence


Aditya Suryavanshi says:

Bro if u can ,try speaking in hindi . I think you will be able to explain much better.

kali prasad says:

it is better to decrease your voice in videos

Vasundhra Jinsi says:

Nice but don't scream plz

mohammed manamahan says:

could you please give me Mr.sanjay email address

Jay Babu says:

Well academy and gate smashers

Kishor Kumar Singh says:

But how the value of function lover(virat,anushka) will change,they are married now,so the condition become false.

Paras says:

nice vid bro.

Rahul Tripathi says:

saale chilla mat

Vicky Kumar says:

The pace is fast. Not sure whether you are guiding or giving an interview

Sumit Chauhan says:


Intelligent Systems says:

why is it called first-order logic? what is zero, second and higher order logic? and why we rub our ass against FOPL only?

Vaishnavi Manghat says:

nice example 😎lol

Bhaskar Jyoti Kherkatary says:

Give better examples than Virat and Anushka and Captain on head.
would have been better ——> teamrole(captain,virat).

Shiva Rally says:

HAHAHA example was so good keep it up

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