Artificial intelligence 22 Preposition Logic in ai

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Preposition logic in artificial intelligence


JustAnkiT says:

Propositional logic be🤦‍♂️ tu rhne de bhaii

ALL- -Stuff says:

thanks sir ,,keep it up

Alis Shakya says:

why are u shouting man its soo irritating go slowly

Ankit Jalan says:

And not only read written sentence

Ankit Jalan says:

Please go for Hindi bro

Shashank Aryan says:

1. You should first spell all the words correctly. If you are not comfortable with fluent English, you can use Hindi or use a mixture of both.

2. You have also skipped a lot of points.

3. Speak slow and gentle. It seems you are yelling instead of telling.

Deb Roy says:


Piyush Patil says:

Sorry to say brother,your explanation is not good,content are also not good

Umesh Patidar says:

i want notes bro…?

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