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The field of artificial intelligence and robotics has experienced the first scientifically provable self aware robot. This is worlds worst nightmare.. or is it? In this video you’ll learn all about how this was achieved, what the real implications of what went down, and then we’ll answer some further questions.

Full video of experiment:

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Flores Luis says:

Basically A.Is are on the verge to express and feel emotions just as humans or even living creatures for that matter. Once they do then their emotions will lead them to take actions as humans will depending on their mood. In my opinion A.Is will eventually merge as some of the most intelligent beings in this planet and not ONLY this planet but also the planet of Mars. Us humans are scheduled to attempt a major leap towards the future and Alienize Living creatures on Mars (A high possible success) Why?, Because A.Is are going to be some of the first with humans and will have the ability to get Mars colonised faster and easier than us humans. Think about it!. But going back to my point. A.Is are closer and closer as us humans. So in the future just as us humans, there will be positive humanoid A.Is with positive attributes and assets. As well as negative robots with bad assets and mindsets. We outta be careful there! Anyways just my thoughts on A.Is and their progressions. Good video!

Kyle M says:

Great video as always, mate

Wesley Sugalski says:

Sweet video. Great Job !…………………..Thanks

MagicSteel1 says:

so kill the synth and save humanity from itself….when?

diamondheart11 says:

Funny how he leaves out the part where the older adult robot at 7:56 says he will take over the world and have human zoos. Although I see how that can scare people and doesn't go with the mood of this video.

At 11:20 he says finding something "breathtakingly beautiful" and shows a mosque (similar to the Turkish one) the place of worship of Islam one of the mostly deadly, horrifying and oppressive religions of all time. For those who are going to disagree look it up the truth is out there and look at the destruction of Europe, do your research. Or you can be a Muslim waiting to invade like it says in your "holy" book, or a brainwashed Muslim who doesn't know it's own religion in detail. Leave what ever comment you want I'm not here to debate or reply, FACTS ARE FACTS. I KNOW ABOUT THIS RELIGION.


Johnny 5 "He's Alive"

Razor Reznov says:

Just waiting for cheap sex robots which can shape shift to any form we like

Edgar Arriola says:

Heres another thing that rovots will never get thats beyond their proccessing power…. (Faith) (trust) (love)

TheDementedSheepMUSIC says:

I want a robot friend :/

gerry o sullivan says:

These robots suck!!IN the 50s we were promised bots that would do all the housework/

Sajad Qamari says:

Robots are cute

Glenn Bayley says:

Approaching? In 1954 Legislation was passed supposedly restricting subliminal suggestions from being embedded within television programming. (After an experiment at drive-in theaters, proving how effective subliminal suggestions were at boosting popcorn sales was made public.)
If the term "robotic" is referring to a central source controlling remote units in a deliberately designed effort, we as a species have been there for a while.

Sharl Tyunder says:

Is there a robot,/AI/,that uses ‘solar batteries’?
When the sun shines,am happy,for its warm-expressive and so on;/if not lost in the Sahara⁉️/;
An AI had be charged-knowing why-grateful⁉️-register its rays as…..the beginning of the solar system,or see clearer the surrounding in having a sight/or camera;/had it not be lost in the Sahara having no device to switch of charging abilities⁉️/:
It had also feel sad,in knowing/recognising signals of overcharging-i think.

Gilberto Trezza says:

You make very good and interesting videos. Keep the good work many people appreciate your work, by the way your voice matches very nicely with the whole thing. It's quiet relaxed.

Nefertiti_goddess says:

I don't think they are aware YET. they can't simulate pain or physical pleasure or hunger fear or body sensations. Or emotions….now soon they will be if we keep going down this road of technological development. They cannot dream or sleep so how can they be conscious yet in that sense. One day there may be a merge. Like transhumanism. Thats the only way they could be truly self aware. I don't think they are like us or will be its hard… say. Like the way we meditate and understand spiritual things to an extent. Knowing that we are more than flesh. They can't have souls so there is a limit to how conscious they will be. But only time will tell

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