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This week Russell tackles the regular mass panic from the media that technology is advancing to quickly…

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AcanthaRayne OakMoon says:

I'm very curious about where you got the inspiration for your robot hole-punch 'character'.

Pure Play says:

robots will also tell your jokes on a stage😂

Kyle Stubbs says:

3:53 As an American, I’m wondering how you can be so sure.



Gregg Tilghman says:

One question there Russ, how much do 1000's of natural bees in a hive costs us vs how much would micro robotic bees cost us, and can they make honey? I get it's a joke, but no robot can steal your job, you're not one that's effected. But the millions affected by trucking and delivery jobs is staggering.

RyanLifeTing says:

5:41 fucking do me😂

Liana Wilton says:

i’m from nz and i would LOOOOVE to not work😂

Tails Sonic Team says:

It's a fucking cake sharron 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 finished me

James CyberLink says:

Is that thing about buying cakes actually a rule or something?!

startripper100 says:

Brilliantly funny, promotes those making a real difference in the lives of others, loves his mum and easy on the eyes… Russell is a bright spot in this ever darkening world.

A Person With A Name says:

If we dont create them to be able to, they won't.

Irish DC 95 says:

Thing is that when it gets to the point when robots take over everything, we won't have any money coming in. We'd need a massive shift in society

Gregg Tilghman says:

On a serious note, I'm not worried about robots killing us, corporations are not going to pay us if robots do our job. Here in America, if you don't have a job, you don't get a check from the government.

Bee Beau says:

Russell Howard should be the voice actor to all robots

Lamb Bert says:

Samsung are making a transparent phone

Fatima___sh says:

I hate being an admin it sucks. Problem is I don’t have any experience to apply for other jobs. This system is made to make my generation fail… well I’d have experience if you gave me a chance right? 😐

Youtuber Nugget says:

Funny how I just came from the gambling video and got a gambling ad

Poppy Moon says:

Russell is such an important and beautiful voice. His world view is amazing. No one tackles world events like he does.

Haroooga 007 says:

Beautiful moment for jack. Beautiful boy

Team Visiox says:

Is a fucking cake saron

Lewis Mcgarry says:

Flying bacon sandwiches exist…as long as they are strapped to a drone

Andy Wears Makeup says:

I'm a housebound cripple I currently have two titanium knee braces, a steel reinforced wrist strap, steel walking stick and soon a mobility scooter I am half bloody robot and I don't think I'm that much of a threat lmao 😂

Person Person says:

Imagine if his ipad died

Flame Unleashed says:

M8 a company and youtube channel in britan made a protosaber (prototype lightsaber).

PaPa Jmegg says:

im scottish 5:40 this is correct

Helen James says:

Jack's amazing

Brad Soup says:

Thay fukin should, it would do a favour for the planet atleast

Velvetx4cove says:

I look foward to living under our robot overlords. Humans obviously can't get shit right.

And a robot partner probably wouldn't be too noticeably different from what we have now. Probably better. 🤔

The Ashman says:

“And there never grateful:
Is It VeGaN?!?
iS iT gLuTaIn FrEeEe?!?
Is It FaIrTrAdE?!?


Cho says:

Fooken do mehhhh – Russell Howard 2018

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