Are Boston Dynamics robots intelligent? | Joscha Bach and Lex Fridman

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Joscha Bach is a cognitive scientist, AI researcher, and philosopher.

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Martin Tremblay says:

Nice click-bait title. Intelligent in the sense that it uses a neural network to identify obstacles in its path? Maybe… but then a lot of things are "intelligent".

64jcl says:

From what I understand the movement is based on some machine learning, but the actual target moves are scripted. The robot is likely just trying to attempt those moves within the current position it has, possibly also judging the surroundings in order to know e.g. how much force is needed to jump a certain distance for example. BD robots will be excellent basis for putting a more advanced AI that also makes its own decisions about where to move and what to do.

IntegralLens says:

the scary thing would be to take the mechanics of the Boston Dynamic robots and then give it the "brain" of AI technology. The same as how we have sensory and motor functions but also intelligence on top of that.

Thatguy Overthere says:

@8:13…"reflective self awareness"… in case you weren't paying attention

Brian Drake says:

Are breasts optional?

Agent Smith says:

Organic entities have two control sets, autonomous and concious. Robots need to be the same. What we see with BD is the autonomous control processes for basic building blocks of movement as discrete AI components probably either choreographed OR under human/computer control to create viable gross movements, and these are becoming very sophisticated, just like any human would over time. These processes are learning to finess the independent discrete movements in the real world.

That does not mean that they dont have the concious control mechanisms for replacing the Human/Choreography just that we are not being allowed to witness it. Yet.

I am pretty certain that there is massive scale machine learning going on from all the Spots that have been put into the field that is being fed back to BD and these are being turned into the "concious AI" that will soon (of not already) be taking over the Human bit.

Justin Schofield says:

Lex as smart as you are you still get infected with thoughts of free will which proves the fact that it doesn’t exist
To have free will we would need to control the laws of physics and then we could live in a world where nothing goes wrong keep up the good work though brother your lucky help those not as fortunate because they’re the cell wall that keep the lucky insulated from realising the truth!

fifthward12 says:

They are fake I used to work there.

The Fashion Cold Wars says:

Athletic intelligence is different

Nikita Webber says:

covid seems to an excuse for governments install mass working class and poor control. why? to make it easy to let these things take jobs. push a lockdown when want to replace the staff with robots. more expensive is just close the factory after opening an automated one in china or somewhere obscure.

Lana Wolfe says:

Lex, they'll use these robots to control us. There needs to be policies in place!

K.U.S says:

They're cgi though….

bodhi says:

This guy is off about many things but he seems to think he is right about anything

Daniel Whitaker says:

One can say Boston Dynamics is building the hypothalamus right now. While you learn the piano you're hypothalamus is memorizing the movements such that when you play a concert you think about the mood and timing but don't have to think of each note.

Tom Bob says:

It’s likely Boston dynamics is more click bait then AI, but maybe following a set of instructions is the smartest move a robot can make, what other choice can it have?

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