Arduino Image Processing human face recognition and Entrance control using e lock,, emgucv

The circuit diagram and Project programming can be downloaded by clicking on the link below

Arduino Image Processing based Entrance lock Control System

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Image Processing based Eyepupil Tracking:

Human machine tracking using image processing:

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Project Description:

This is a very detailed tutorial on how to make image processing based human recognition system for entrance controlling. In this project we will be using Arduino uno for controlling the electronic door lock, The Arduino will receive command from the application when a human will be detected. We will be using xml file for human face detection. This xml file will be used in application to track a human face. The application designed in visual basic make use of the emguCv.


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Arduino uno:

Mega 2560:

2n2222 npn transistor:

10k Resistor

female DC power jack socket:

12v Adaptor:

Super Starter kit for Beginners

Jumper Wires:

Bread Board:

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