Applied AI for Human Resources | Artificial Intelligence Projects 2022

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In this video we are going to see the basics of Applied AI . These are the fundamentals of Applied AI and essential trainings. we will see more and more in upcoming videos.

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Where There is a Will There is a Way 💘

//Chapters and time splits

00:00:00-00:01:22 Artificial intelligence and human resources
00:01:23-00:02:22 Course prerequisites
00:02:23-00:04:24 Introduction to HR
00:04:25-00:05:33 HR challenges
00:05:34-00:08:41 AI and HR
00:08:42-00:10:58 HR use cases overview
00:10:59-00:12:35 Employee attrition
00:12:36-00:13:50 Classification with deep learning
00:13:51-00:15:31 Data for employee attrition
00:15:32-00:17:48 Preprocessing attrition data
00:17:49-00:19:20 Building an attrition model with Keras
00:19:21-00:20:21 Predicting attrition with Keras
00:20:22-00:22:39 Organization design
00:22:40-00:25:03 Network analysis with networks
00:25:04-00:26:02 Data for network analysis
00:26:03-00:28:01 Preparing network data
00:28:02-00:30:07 Creating and visualizing networks
00:30:08-00:32:31 Analyzing networks
00:32:32-00:33:39 Employee development
00:33:40-00:35:13 User item recommendations
00:35:14-00:36:04 Ratings data for recommendations
00:36:05-00:38:14 Prepare for embedding
00:38:15-00:40:36 Building a Keras rating model
00:40:37-00:43:10 Recommending courses with Keras
00:43:11-00:45:52 Predict future employee performance
00:45:53-00:48:23 Candidate outreach
00:48:24-00:50:52 Automated candidate screening
00:50:53-00:53:07 Employee virtual assistant
00:53:08-00:55:07 Sentiment analysis
00:55:08-00:56:34 Model development best practices
00:56:35-00:57:52 Using machine learning platforms
00:57:53-00:59:18 Model serving best practices
00:59:19-01:01:00 Security and privacy best practices