Applied AI Conference 2017 – Keynote – Quantum AI: The Next Frontier

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Discover the latest innovation and the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

The Applied AI Conference is a must-attend event for people who are working, researching, building, and investing in Applied Artificial Intelligence technologies and products.

Keynote – Quantum AI: The Next Frontier

Dr. Colin P. Williams, Director of Strategy & Business Development, D-Wave Systems, Inc.


Chris Sun says:

Computational speed up
Melt the chip
Classical power plateaued

Chris Sun says:

Quantum computers harness quantum phsyical effects not available to conventional computers
Superposition – combination of 0 and 1 at the same time. Initial state that represents simultaneously very possible solution to the problem

Universe has 2^300 particles. 2^2000

Chris Sun says:

Machine can teach itself. A child assimilates knowledge.
Unsupervised learning can be based on probabilistic models. Rely on sampling

Chris Sun says:

Classifiers. Playing games. Self driving cars
Supervised learning – start with data hand labeled by humans

Quantum artificiàl intelligence

Moe Lester says:

this won't end well

Barry Hughes says:

Just how stupid can you get? Your future decided in zeros and ones……now that really is clever. Humans and Robots are incompatible….one is logical…the other unfathomable. You stupid people will be the instrument of your own demise, taking the rest of us with you. Idiocy personified.

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