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Anki Cozmo, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot for Kids
Price: $179.00
Color: Cozmo (Red & White)
Cozmo is a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in the movies and he’s ready to be your loyal sidekick
Challenge Cozmo to games or use Explorer Mode to see things from his perspective
With a beginner-friendly interface, Cozmo is the perfect educational robot for kids and adults to learn to creatively code
Easier than you’d think and tougher than he looks, this toy robot is tested for durability and security
Cozmo by Anki requirements: a compatible iOS or Android device and the free Cozmo app
Includes 1 Cozmo robot, 3 Cubes, and 1 charger (USB power adapter not included)

Vector Robot by Anki
Price: $219.99
Vector is a companion made to hang out and help out. Powered by ai and advanced robotics, he’s alive with personality and engaged by sight, sound, and touch.
Vector is voice-activated and will answer questions, take photos for you, time dinner, show you the weather, and more. Voice features are currently English language only.
If you choose to set up Alexa on your vector, you’ll be able to: set reminders, control smart home devices like lights, speakers, and thermostats, and so much more.
Vector can independently navigate and self-charge. He recognizes people and avoids obstacles.
Vector is an updating platform, Cloud connected via Wi-Fi so he’s always learning and updating with new skills and features.
Requirements: a compatible iOS or Android device and the free vector app for set up only. Check compatibility at Anki.Com/devices. Includes 1 Vector robot, 1 cube, 1 charger (USB power adapter not included).
There are some Alexa features Vector will not support like playing songs from streaming music services via Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, etc. But we’d rather you connect your tunes to an external smart speaker so Vector can show off his dance

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riaksa kim says:

İ veri love cozmo

Grace Dy says:

I like vector

Maechagodzilla says:

Is vector a pet or cozmo?

Chandima Rajapaksha says:

I is good Robert

Anany Shukla says:

Cozmo get me milk

Den Nawaham says:

Why will cozmo fight victor ?? ☹☹😕😕☹☹

Ukasyah zidane Aditya says:

Is cozmo so cute

spaceflight101 says:

They need a rotating brush attachment and then you can call it "M-O", from "WALL-E".

Nikodem szypluk says:

Vector is cuter for me

ZaxYoungin says:


Mohammad Ramal says:

vector is nice more than cozmo

Cem - Oyun ve bilgi says:

Which is the best?

u.s. skarloey railway episodes says:

Me yes yes agree

BrokeSkill says:

Should i buy vector or cozmo, das buy it should have an sound System like a text: Hes cool to say in a code or so

Evan.Z says:

Believer song is so good with Cozmo commercial

ReaganT says:

Witch one is better?

O Velho Sabe says:

video google vs alexa

make one m2 says:

vector is good

luk 37 says:

basicly : Vector = Cozmo ++

Patrick Reis says:

Qual é o melhor dos dois?

Mr says:

Ilove cozmoBrain 1000

Xx Dream Lou Skid xX LS says:

Alternate Title: Small LouBot vs Small Iris Bot (Iris Bot is an black bot guys)

N .H says:

I can almost see my cat chasing and playing with Cozmo 😂

Adinarayana Katam says:

Vector is so cute and smarter than cozmo

Αργυρή Πατηνέα says:

I think the vector is better and i want to buy it :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Javier Aguirre says:

Vector get me a curvy hooker

Baylor Burk says:

Cozmo is so cute

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