Android Tutorial: Convert Speech To Text | Speech Recognition

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Android has an inbuilt feature speech to text through which you can provide speech input to your app. With this feature you can add some of the cool features to your app like adding voice navigation and it is very helpful when you are targeting disabled people.

In the background how voice input works is, the speech input will be streamed to a server, on the server voice will be converted to text and finally text will be sent back to our app. This tutorial can be followed by a beginner as the source code in github is also available.

Github Source Code: .
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Iresh Rajitha says:

what about recognizing non-dictionary word like names, address


Nice video.


Gurudev pranam

Nir Hayun says:

Great video brother! What if I record a phone call and now I have a file – can it also convert it to text?

Paul D says:

Anyone else having this issue in 2020 Aug? On a samsung galaxy S series phone, I'm using the keyboard mic button to record text, but often there is a delay and the system returns some other person's message which shows for a brief moment and then gets erased.

osama khan says:

When I Click Mic It Show this Message Please Help …
Your Device Don't Support Speech Input

mazhar iqbal says:

nice video and so informative great…..and i have a question after showing the text how can we copy the text?????thanks

John Davis says:

Hi, thank you for your video, just a quick question, I did every step according to your video, at the end the app shows the ToastMessage (Your Device Doesn't Support Speech Input) in else part, but my phone is not that old I bought it last year Huawei Nova3, do you know why is like this?

Serdar Yılmaz says:

Thanks for video bro. Can we use this for commercial purpose? I mean publishing on Play Store with advertisements or sell this app ? Google dialog makes me confused

Asfi Fatma says:

how to take email id as an input… bcz when i m saying , it is printing asfi fatma 10 at the rate gmail dot com

DikShU says:

How to change Ggogle to any other String

Chandra Prakash Shukla says:

How can we run Speech to text in the background?

jeet chheda says:

I just want to know a way to make this recognizer available only when the user speaks an activation command.. Like "Ok Google".

Allexus Constantino says:

it works until it is converting the speech to text. it is crashing in that part. any help please?

Anti Bereczki says:

great video!

Berik Koshkarbay says:

Hello, it was very useful for me, thank you! I return from Xamarine to original mobile apps

Vishal Padme says:

I have a Nice Idea for app And Your Tutorials are Helping me alot ,Thank You.

Thora Adam says:

What if you don't want the "google" to show?

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