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TheJayDee says:

what is the intro song?

powerofbass says:

that feeling when you need aircract driving license for falconery .. 😀

olumide oladimeji George says:

It was good and it was so amazing and the I like to arm the utils so good out there thank you

Ivan Bryan says:

We created a robot that looks like an Eel. We call it Eeloom.
TechZone: huuuur duuuuur it's a snake!

Jasmijn ariel says:

So eelume is only a computer animation 😬

Kiril Stoykov says:

Friends, no matter how powerful artificial intelligence is, it remains an imitation machine with all the algorithms and potentials. When we lift heavy loads with a crane, we carry heavy loads with ships, trains, trucks, do they surpass man? It's the same with supercomputers. How the artificial intelligence will manifest itself in the computer, the production robot, the human robot or a military machine depends on the qualities invested by the operator who programmed the machine. If humanity still lives with military ambitions, for production or is morally corrupt, the actions of artificial intelligence will also depend, but it will forever remain a machine without heart, mind, will, soul and spirit. Those who want to make man an addition to artificial intelligence would be the same to turn man into an animal. If I am wrong in the statement, write comments
When technology precedes moral principles, there is an abuse of knowledge, power, and then comes the crisis of natural evolution, which can end with the liquidation of the arrogant civilization. So we humans need to be aware of where we are going: down to the abyss or the difficult path of humanism and respect for the life of every living being (including man) and in harmony with a reasonable program of development. Everything that is given to man is a gift from the Great Architect of the Universe, and when someone says it is mine, he can soon learn his lesson through falling and @t each cell or organ performs its service to the whole organism, so each of us is a part of the Cosmic Man to whom we must contribute. Otherwise, if each of us is not interested in other people, this will happen to him, as happens when the leaf falls off the tree.

sebastian de la Vega says:

we also build a humanoid robot called #bob … if you like robots check it out on instagram @contactnavarra

Xuanvy Ma says:

I feel like the robots are the mech and a person is controling dem weow.

Edit: Yes🐦🐘🐧🐑

crazy boyz76565 says:

Now give them AI and time travell to future and leave them there

Pratyush Lenka says:

The first one was a ornithopter designed by leonardo da vinci original idea

TDS Composer says:


Maurizio Candido says:

cosa non si può fare con l'energia di un pidito

Debra frazier says:

A sad day in my opinion when every thing is becoming so fake . First ppl with their implants and plastic surgery, now animals. Just not a fan i guess

yaJ kniF says:

Puppy puppetry, dolphin dolls, fake snake

Joyal Herald Monteiro says:


Jared Harris says:

Now they working on real life laser beak from transformers and robotic eels from terminator salvation smh

Аваз Ибн Муртазо says:

What is the song???


Dodge rams suck

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