All We Need to Expect From AI & AGI in 2024! Everything has changed…

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In this video we’ll talk about the most important things – AGI from OpenAI and Sam Altman, the upcoming ChatGPT update, why the CEO of the world’s largest artificial intelligence company canceled the release of Superintelligence and what it means for humanity as a whole? Welcome to a new installment of AI News, my name is AI Master, enjoy the show!

00:12 AGI is not expected in 2024
02:16 Four approaches to creating AGI
04:40 Multimodality is essential for achieving artificial general intelligence.
07:00 Major AI and AGI developments in 2024
09:11 AI & AGI expected to improve in 2024
11:27 AI advancements will bring personalization and improved information access
13:40 Expect a store for selling custom trained AI models
15:50 GPT will become more helpful and customizable