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The programmes behind artificial intelligence are in almost every part of our lives, but there’s an emerging problem with them: algorithmic bias.

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Caddy Joey says:

Psst algorithms are being used in your politics to target the worst of a base thus the outcome of the uprise in extremism and racism trump hired a algorithm company

Michael Chiarito says:

Just to clarify. Algorithms are written by people – selected people…

Jason Reviews TECH says:

even machines are racist. TLDR

James Pharris says:

The combination of algorithms and a Supreme Court that doesn't reflect the country's population could be disastrous for future generations.

J Morton says:

so known information is fed into machine based on information that machine formes a bias now machine is racist because it tells the truth

J Morton says:

so it should ignore data that social justice doesnt like?

Algonquin Nationalist says:

Lol bias .. yep umm sure

siratthebox says:

So you're saying each learning algorithm is subject to a secret conspiracy, and not that, for example, it is actually more difficult to see if an Asian woman has blinked or blacks do actually reoffend more often…

Peter Rowan says:

What a non issue

Bloodtree UK says:

Maths is racist guys, we need unbiased far left political activists to unbias it for us.

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