Alex the Dog vs Spot the Robot [Boston Dynamics]

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A robot called Spot, made by Boston Dynamics, a Google company, plays with a dog.

Video Credit: Steve Jurvetson.


Halibut86 says:

hes controlling it with a 360 pad

trcsonic says:

Black Mirror – Metalhead episode

Emppu T. says:

Dog just wants to play
, and everyone is pitching a dog fight

motorhead says:

dogs will ultimately save us.

I love Boston Dynamics says:

At 00:54 is the dude on the right controlling this thing with an Xbox controller?

Mr. McCluckster says:

Are they controlling the robot?

Oh yeah they are

TrajanCaesar says:

Even dogs don't trust synths!

Radek Potopalský says:

Well, if I compare these two entities, the God is a miles way ahead of us, as a creator 🙂 Obviously 🙂

Zenek Myśligłówka says:

Zwierzę czuje że to zło

Rex Luminus says:

That's hilarious guys ! Great job. Funny. Thanks.

Gaurav Sharma says:

Dog robot is cooler than any human looking robot

ItsGrizzly says:

What breed of dog is that

Matias Roldan says:

Porque el hombre crea esas cosas????

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