Alex "Sandy" Pentland "The future of AI and human society: HumanAI"

Alex “Sandy” Pentland is the director of the MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics labs and previously helped create and direct the MIT Media Lab. He is one of the most-cited computational scientists in the world, a member of the U.S. National Academies, and has received numerous awards and prizes such as the McKinsey Award from Harvard Business Review, the DARPA Network Challenge, and the Brandeis Award for work in privacy. His most recent books are Social Physics (Penguin Press) and Honest Signals (MIT Press).

Pentland delivered his Shannon Luminary Lecture “The future of AI and human society: HumanAI” on October 25, 2018. AI is most often thought of as creating artificial humans, which raises the question of AI replacing humans. But if we ask how to build an intelligent system that incorporates both humans and AIs, we will find that there is a (relatively) clean formalism for building such a hybrid. Moreover, there are already early examples of such systems that feel not only human and natural but even positively delightful.