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Close The news that Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been detained by authorities has prompted significant concern here at TED-HQ. We had shown a film of him at last month’s conference, an unexpected and courageous statement about his treatment by the government, social change, the power of the web, and his hope for the future of China. The film, which was shown as Ai Weiwei himself watched live over the web in the middle of the night, prompted a huge standing ovation from the TED audience.

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TED is a non-partisan, nonpolitical organization and we understand the Chinese authorities concern at anything which might provoke social unrest. But for anyone who believes in the power of ideas, of human imagination, it is heartbreaking to see one of the world’s great artists shackled in this way. We will be tracking developments carefully. Here is the film.


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Jeanneke Kayaert says:

And I was in the Sichuan earthquake….

Ethan Tech says:

i have to write a paper about this guy

Neptune Thomas says:


The Art Of Moving says:

Ai is a greatest artist! But I am wondering what makes ai made the movie “human flow” and other classic art expressions? I assume that his ideas were from his childhood suffering! All I want to say is, he is a great artist, but you don’t know politics and economics! The world is not as bad as you think! Take care of yourself, Sir!

Donald John Trump says:


Redefining Myself says:

Skennon gowa Ai Weiwei !!!

Danielle Wang says:

He is brilliant

Ichthusk says:

Wish me luck with my term paper on Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn

Bo C says:


Crewchief 227 says:

This is what art is about, if artists don't use some of their time for social change, then WTF are you doing with your time?

龙海yanglonghai 杨 says:


Inna K. says:

<3 Ai Wei Wei is wonderful.

SEAN PAN says:

Ai Weiwei volunteered to donate 2 middle fingers,any takers?

Kathy Hu says:

I'm very happy to have experienced Ai Weiwei's 2013 exhibition in Toronto the whole Oppressive Chinese political system allied against one Man His Art and politics very pathetic criminals always live in fear of the Truth Ever Forward Ai Weiwei

Phoenix Rising says:

how was he "able to get" you the film? thought he was in violent, oppressive detention?? it's pretty sad China won't let their citizens have full intellectual freedoms when a little island like Cuba finally will :/ I'd suppose dealing with internal unrest is troubling, but change has to come some time…

Alexander Strutt says:

keep that chin up Weiwei

Jojo Channel says:

shut up you're fucking assholes  ai weiwei is a fraud  tax fraud liar  an anti-china government pig. they shouldn't  never let him design the Bird nest  Stadium in Beijing.

vicky tan says:

He is really something!

老乙廉颇 says:


Epikification says:

In my opinion, introducing the video in that way showed partiality. None of the other TED talks I've listened to have had any opinion on the speaker or any disclaimer presented.

ZEEMMO says:

Ted is meant to be impartial but facilitate all freedom of speach from intellectual individuals

Epikification says:

I dislike the intro given by the guy at the talk.

Ung Park says:

I don't get it…

li dong says:

made my himself

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