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The robots are coming. We (as in the people who attend TED talks and things) tend to think we will probably be fine. You know, knowledge folks and all. We might not be. What will be our coping mechanisms? What can we do to be OK?

Volker Hirsch is not afraid of placing his faith in concepts that others consider “niche”.

He has championed mobile and games for more than 15 years as an angel investor, founder, and advisor. He helped launch the world’s first mobile music services, published games on tiny black and white mobile phones and – damningly – used the term “gamification” as early as 2006. Today his focus is on education, Internet of Things (IoT) and – still – games.

Blackberry’s former Global Head of Business Development is now a founder of several companies, including software development house Blue Beck, and IoT venture programme builder Quantified Ventures. He is also a venture partner at leading EdTech accelerator Emerge Education, and the chairman of knowledge content recommendation system Bibblio.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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Rene T St Jacques says:

much appreciated .. thank you Volker Hirsch ..!!

sandybeaches2OCCUPYWS says:

In about 1992 I had a vision that if every human would do MLM it would give every person a Guaranteed Residual Income, no one would have to buy anything, and we'd end world poverty. If it was the only way.

Shiv Dhingra says:

Once you notice the umm aaammm you ummm can't ummm unotice it. umm yeah

Christy Arie says:

How come his idea about education is achieved if many people in the world are still struggling to feed themselves? Even with a technology that we have been having we can't still end poverty let alone to educate poor people with good education. If up until now poverty still can't be ended, then imagine the world in the future with robots etc. The poor will become poorer and the elites will even gain even more.

Ekrem KORKMAZ says:

He is like gaining power when he says uum.?

Sean Barr says:

It is so glaringly obvious to me that A.I. Can NEVER EVER FEEL, it comes down to REPLICANTS in Blade Runner, and even how implanted memories will not help to create the SPIRITUAL within silicon! So as far as the mundane , repetitive jobs which will be taken up by machines , I am all for it, in fact I can't see it happening fast enough! No human being should be made into a cog in some other persons economic machine! I have always felt this way , going back long before the cel phone was even on the horizon! Now then, like I said, NO MACHINE , no quantum computer , can ever contain SPIRIT MOLECULES! We can not pass on real emotions , or empathy (real empathy anyways) , and the fact that they are trying to get us on the net to help teach A.I. what emotions are and the limitations to this teaching I observed , proves to me that we are a long long time from even a minimal system of emotive AI. ! SO bring on the robot revolution , and bring on the universal economic stipend , to free up all who wish to freed up from the responsibility of putting a roof over our heads or food on the table!

Mark Spoor says:

Why is it that only technologists are invited to talk about the impact of technology on society. Where are the sociologists? Creating technology that replaces people is a financial benefit not a societal one. Reminds of the quote in Jurassic Park…………."Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."

Gautam J says:

1 exabyte of "Ammmmmm"

Me Iknow says:

great tedx enjoyed it totally. hope to see more.

grupoelcomienzo says:

You had me up until you said we put a man on the moon.  Seriously you know about computing power and you believe with 1960's technology we did that?  Bye

HireX Network says:

should have titled this "Um and the future um"

Rebecca Kell says:

I enjoyed the Movie Chappie. However empathy isn't something an AI can learn from human's. Once an AI learns empathy then it will have a soul. Lol just kidding.

Brady Bookook says:

soon people will work for fun instead of money, cuz  everything will be free which is produced by ai auto robots……

Andrew Gunady says:

President Tom Kirkman!

Rambabu Muthoju says:

Human being is not a creation of a Robot, Robots can never surpass humans.

Jonathan Hall says:

TED just lets anyone give a talk these days. Not very impressive anymore.

Elliot says:

Only applied knowledge is power. Knowledge in itself is inert.

circusboy90210 says:

Just because we have the technology does not mean we have to employ minute. There is one thing of a she can never do like a human which is create NB imaginative .A person is not on necessary expense they are the reason the job even ever existed. Will need work to have value Most items are better when handmade then buy a machine

circusboy90210 says:

That truck in Nevada can barely maintain control on a flat level dry highway with good construction.

basbekjenl says:

I pray to see a future where in this ai becomes a tool for the human race instead of the human race becomming the tool, I haven't used my shovel/printer/old coffee maker in years.

Davy Jones says:

On a darker tone.. proceeds to talk about Usain Bolt. I see what you did there lol

HypersonicMonkeyBrains says:

He mentioned that Alpha Go was trained on humans and could not have been done without humans. Well yesterday they announced Alpha GO Zero, its far superior than Alpha GO and it was trained using no data an fed no human games, it learnt from first principles and a blank board.. No humans needed.

Jordan Shackelford says:

Actually the alpha go was only initialized trained on humans and then it played millions of games itself afterwards

Just life says:

None is asking where the energy to sustain all that army's robotic stuff will come from???? oh solar power.

Joe Pegasus says:

STOP SAYING: "AUM"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua Covarrubias says:

"with thanks to autotrader" LMAOOOOOO

goomany says:

At least an AI presenter won't get miffed at the powerpoint tech.;;;;

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