AI Scouting Report – Part 1 of 3: Fundamentals

Nathan Labenz synthesizes the core fundamentals of AI as simply, clearly, and literally as possible. Nathan’s aim is to impart the equivalent of a high school AP course understanding to listeners in 90 minutes. This special episode is in part brought to you by Athena. You can use Nathan’s referral link ( for a free first month of Athena services for qualified customers.

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(00:00) Context for the AI Scouting report and Athena’s offer for The Cognitive Revolution listeners.
(06:16) Headlines
(09:03) We now have human-level AI (That does not mean human)
(23:18) Is memory the next big shift in AI?
(16:42) Sponsor: Omneky
(28:02) How did we get here? Data, Compute, Algorithms.
(46:40) Foundation model foundations
(01:02:00) Scaling, Grokking, Emergence
(01:29:46) Certain capabilities remain hard to predict

– Red Teaming GPT-4
– Vivek Natarajan from Google’s Med PaLM
– The Medical AI Revolution with Dr. Zak Kohane
– Eugenia Kuyda of Replika
– Seeing is Believing with Ziming Liu of MIT
– The Tiny Stories Revolution

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@eriktorenberg (Erik)

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