AI regulation and human decision making | Chitro Majumdar | TEDxSaintLouisUniversityMadrid

Ethics is not just matter of following algorithmic rules, ethics is a philosophical thought which needs to be validated with lots of random variables and their roles for our decision support system for the future. There is no comparison between humans and machines. Humans are mortal (even if we postpone the process of aging) but machines are not. At the same time ethical machines will be complied with code of ethics, corporate transparency and give us best possible answers to almost all ethical dilemmas. For them validation is the key. Humans upload is the way forward to deal with machinic society when AI is embedded in our daily life. My point is to Mathematize AI Ethics. We practitioners and academics need to think Ethics philosophically with an ‘affordance of reasoning’ 
(morality too). But conscience and morality are independent. Most of the today’s education system might be also comforting a paradigm shift in the near future. 
 Machine might say, “”No, this I must not do this.”” And ethical machines will protect our jobs, will measure best form of economic risk capital or resources for future uncertainty Founder of RsRL and co-founder of a start-up in AI ethics. His strength is fundamental mathematical research in applied probability theory through co-existence risk measures. Since 2016, Chitro has been chairing panels on mathematization of AI ethics, which includes a panel at the European Commission’s seminar on AI policy in Brussels (2017) and Bucharest (2018). He is currently designing algorithms on machine ethics. Chitro is a global expert of 19 years in valuations, systemic risk, quantitative finance, ERM, OpRisk, asset allocation, and climate risk. He has consulted for the Swiss, Omani, UAE government institutions, and Bermuda Monetary Authority, just to mention a few. In 2007, Chitro developed economic capital modeling and MCEV, via the dynamic financial analysis (DFA) tool in Zurich. Today, Chitro is on several boards of tomorrow’s disruption risk and resilience, such as Industry Advisor Panel-Brussels. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at