AI Platform Training with Built-in Algorithms

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In this episode, Yufeng Guo speaks to how you can use Google Cloud AI Platform Built-in Algorithms to train and deploy machine learning models without writing any training code.

Cloud AI Platform Training with Built-in Algorithms →
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Q Chen says:

Seems your team has updated the platform. and the header (column line) IS REQUIRED. otherwise it works out great. thank you.

Q Chen says:

Quite clear trying that….

Arturo Chávez Filio says:

i have this error when i do the test and use for the example in Getting started with the built-in wide and deep algorithm
"error": "{n "error": "Serving signature name: \"serving_default\" not found in signature def"n}"

Dennis G D says:

5:15 deploy models from the screen… Please make a video showing an example where a user enters input at a URL and the model evaluates the input and the model returns a response. Thank you.

Tushar Madheshia says:

Hey, this is great! Do you also have a video for creating a job using custom training code?

Eddison Lewis says:

Insightfully Intuitive

Rozy says:

Very interesting.

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