AI/ML Challenge Finale: Graph Neural Networking Challenge and Network failure using digital twins

The ITU AI/ML in 5G Challenge in 2023 (Fourth edition) offers a platform for collaboratively addressing the problems in applying AI/ML in communication networks including 5G & 6G. The Challenge connects participants (students and professionals) from more than 100 countries, with industry and academia solving real-world problems using AI/ML in communication networks. The challenge is offering 12 problem statement in 2023. Some of these problem statements includes;

Graph Neural Networking Challenge 2023 – Creating a Network Digital Twin with Real Network Data

Network failure using digital twins

The 2023 Graph Neural Networking Challenge entitled “Building a Network Digital Twin using data from real networks” challenged participants to develop, for the first time ever, a GNN-based Network Digital Twin using a dataset from a real-network.

The Network Failure Classification Challenge utilizes advanced Network Digital Twin (NDT) technology. NDT serves as a virtual replica of real-world networks, allowing practical simulations of network behaviors and operations. The primary goal of this challenge is to create a network failure classification model, specifically a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) model, to facilitate operational tasks such as failure analysis and mitigation within the context of Beyond 5G.

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