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We are living in times of accelerating progress. Machine intelligence is increasingly integrated in vital parts of human life. Narrow Artificial Intelligence is driving cars, flying drones, playing chess, winning Go and answering emails. More and more machines are doing physical and cognitive work; create music and art. Machines are replacing human work and human thinking. No job is safe and machines soon will be everywhere. AI is eating the world. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is expected in the next 5 years and we will observe the first thinking machines. Superintelligence is coming after, until we reach the singularity. Humans have to decide how to live with machines and define their own role in a humanmachine world.

Fabian is CEO of Asgard, a family- owned Venture Capital firm based in Berlin. His passion lies in Artificial Intelligence. Since 2011 he has been blogging about entrepreneurship, venture capital and the future on

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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Andjela Tatarovic says:

I don't think it makes sense though unless the computer "wants" to self-propel… I don't think that has been solved or it cannot be; unless it's a mirror process rather than parallel

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

Das hier ist die dümmste und blödeste Sau die ich je im TED gesehen habe.

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

We use machines because we like to become machines. Halleluia.

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

Yes we have self driving Terminators.

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

Yes Google eat souls.

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

Sleepsheeps need their Schmartphones

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

TED is a cult.

Al Als says:

The question is, will AI eat capitalism…. After all, if AI puts 50% to 90% of workers out of their jobs, who will buy the products that the capitalists, those who control the means of production, make??? And as for the introduction of unconditional basic income, forget about it: already the welfare system in the USA, the global center of capitalism, has been shredded to bits, limited to 2 or 4 years max. for lifetime, with the next assault focused on eliminating health care for the poor and elderly…while the middle class is finding it increasingly unaffordable.

No, for the ruling class, AI is the "wet dream" for the maximization of profit, of that there is no doubt. But it will also be the end of capitalism, as it has existed for the last 200 years or so.

By the way, in the USA, the median lifespan of the masses is now decreasing and there has been no increase in median wages for workers since the late 1990's, when adjusted for inflation. So, yes, this is the best time to be living, for the capitalists. For the working class, not soo much and AI will guarantee it will only get worse so long as AI is under the control of the capitalists.

christianright09 says:

Never fear American A.I. will soon be here!

dipi says:

Fabian talks like »we have« any kind of AI already.
We don't.

Travis Chen says:

Great talk! I'm working on the English substitile for this video

Shaun Attwood says:

great talk my friend

Krishna Harish says:

Good talk ???

Wyatt Earp says:

He never addressed the main fear of AI.

BrotkastDichSelbst says:

Dauer: 13:37. Voll die leet time erwischt, alter Lucker!

Lucas Sanctus says:

Epic. That's the TED talk that I've been waiting for a long time.

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