AI is eating our world | Fabian Westerheide | TEDxTUBerlin

We are living in times of accelerating progress. Machine intelligence is increasingly integrated in vital parts of human life. Narrow Artificial Intelligence is driving cars, flying drones, playing chess, winning Go and answering emails. More and more machines are doing physical and cognitive work; create music and art. Machines are replacing human work and human thinking. No job is safe and machines soon will be everywhere. AI is eating the world. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is expected in the next 5 years and we will observe the first thinking machines. Superintelligence is coming after, until we reach the singularity. Humans have to decide how to live with machines and define their own role in a humanmachine world.

Fabian is CEO of Asgard, a family- owned Venture Capital firm based in Berlin. His passion lies in Artificial Intelligence. Since 2011 he has been blogging about entrepreneurship, venture capital and the future on

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