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In this video, we will cover role of AI in healthcare in 2022. This video has answered all the questions about how AI has changed the healthcare system.

The topics we will be covering are:

1. Drug and Research – 0:00
In this segment we have covered in detail about how Artificial Intelligence can help in drug and research along with example

2. Cancer Diagnosis – 2:06
This segement has detailed capture on how AI machines helps to cure cancer.

3. Scanning and Ultrasound Technology – 3:02
This part covers what are the advancements happened in the field of scanning and ultrasound.

4. Treat Neurological Disorder – 4:21
This segement explains on how AI has played a vital role in changing the lives of people.

5. Robotic-assisted surgeries – 5:06
This part covers what are the advancements happened in the field of Robotic-assisted surgeries.

6. Healthcare Assistants – 5:54
This segement has detailed capture on different healthcare assistants powered by AI.

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