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Futurist, astrophysicist, and best-selling science fiction author David Brin takes us 30 years into the future to explore how developments at companies in fields such as AI and human augmentation will help propel humanity forward… though with some cautions along the way.

Brin’s best-selling science fiction novels include The Postman (filmed in 1997), Startide Rising (Nebula Award winner), The Uplift War (Hugo Award winner), and Earth. His non-fiction work, The Transparent Society, won the American Library Association’s Freedom of Speech Award for exploring 21st Century concerns about security, secrecy, accountability, and privacy. Brin holds a PhD in Physics from the University of California at San Diego, a masters in optics, and an undergraduate degree in astrophysics from Caltech.

Moderated by James Freedman.

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Reca Nto says:

I find it hard these days to watch anything for a straight hour. And maybe was because i liked the movie made from his life Or maybe that he was a really good orater. I loved everything he said and explained.

Gilbert Anderson says:

Loved the Uplift😁 Thank you.

Thiên Đỗ says:

Even though I still lean on the Grammarly for my grammar structure of the correction. I appreciate your efforts to deliver this Analysis of the future. Thank you.

J Bond says:

the idea of diverse AI in the video, that is very inspiring. AIs with different orientations, professional, goals may be able to prevent extreme events.

Cougar Brenneman says:

As far as I can tell (from a Facebook search), Google has never hosted J Michael Straczynski, the creator of Sense8, Babylon 5, and currently, a very prescient comic book series about a global pandemic. I kind of think he should be on your list.

Adam Golding says:

20:46 WASM and js are the new basic.

fiona fiona says:

44:00 how close that is to my own estimates is startling… I hope this will be as insightful as "ecotopia" appeared to the technology of the 2010s

Raymond says:

the optimist = the glass is half full
the pessimist = the glass is half empty
the realist = the glass is half full and half empty.

"The enlightenment" didn't change feudalism, it only masked it and gives extra layers to make it complex enough that it's hard to notice. "The people never had power, only the illusion of it".

Antenna Wilde says:

Even the most intelligent humans are embarrassingly inadequate. Worse, they are conceited and destructive beyond their comprehension. There is no hope or future for the human race, this is historically academic. The species will be eradicated via their own foolishness, making way for the next species to rise. Perhaps the ants or cockroaches. Frankly, humans are not much better or different, they only think they are. This arrogance is the crux of the condition; perpetuating and exasperating their inevitable demise.


Internet is very slow here in Peru


Do you know:


Do you know Marco Antonio Attisani and Nyado?


Do you know Lucciano Floridi?

Austen Summers says:

Finally a good Google talk that isn’t SJW gibberish!

Tony Leonard says:

Thank you for this talk with the GPT-3 generated version of David Brin

athanatic says:

The 3 AIs list is such an orthogonal GBC list. The joke would be a good one for government-types…

On Why Johnny Can't Code: Automated curricula could have a symbolic call to the new easier more instructive programming segment then the test would be the same language as the test whatever we discover in the future. Including objective algorithm was great, no doubt!

Cohen The Barbarian best things in life (by the late Terry Prachett): "hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper"

On Teaching Games: I agree, but tidbits are buried. Assassin's Creed's weird mythology puts you in a ton of tangible settings with readable histories attached to the building or area. I was already a history enthusiast, but some must bleed through to the gamers.

Robert Callaghan says:

2020 : 4% of mammals are wild

2020 : 2% of global energy is solar and wind — after 20 yrs trying

2020 : CO2 up 60% in 30 yrs : up 30% in 15 yrs

2030 : 50% of world will be short of water

2040 : 15% of global energy will be renewable

2050 : 28% of global energy will be renewable

2050 : 600 ppm CO2 BAU

Weather = flash floods + flash fires + flash rains + flash droughts + flash mobs

Climate = 30 years of weather + you don't got time to worry about climate

Dams and bio-energy are ecological disasters

50% of Nordic European electricity comes from burning imported trees

We burn corn, soy and palm oil in cars and will do so until 2030 so far

We burn recycled plastic and paper for electricity

In the last 20 years, petrochemical demand grew 7X human population

You can’t burn imported trees for electricity to save us from the climate

We can't build wildfire suppression big enough to handle future wildfires

Forest fires will burn faster than we can plant trees

We don't have enough land for bio-energy because we are losing forests, soil and water too fast

To get 30% of energy from algae would take a country the size of Argentina

To get 20% of global energy from solar in 30 years, we need them 3X faster than now

By 2040 not even half of all cars will be electric

By 2040 we will be lucky not to go hungry


Mopic3d says:

Hopefully the future of intelligence will figure out slideshow technology

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