AI & Fraud Detection: Revolutionizing Risk Management in FinTech

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📌 About This Episode

Welcome to AI Series: Episode 1, where we delve into the revolutionary impact of Artificial Intelligence on fraud detection and risk management in the FinTech industry. In this episode, you’ll learn how AI sets new ethics, security, and customer experience standards.

⭐ Speakers

– Aaron Goldsmid, Head of Product at Deel

– Mohammed Topiwalla, Senior Data Scientist Fraud Prevention at Wise

– Adiba Khan, Senior Analyst at Klarna

– Ryan Stevens, Senior Data Science Manager at Ramp

🔑 Key Takeaways

– Understand the transformative role of AI in fraud detection

– Explore ethical considerations in AI

– Learn how AI balances security with customer experience

– Get a sneak peek at future AI trends in FinTech